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House Democrats could hardly stifle their cheers Wednesday as the vote to impeach President Trump passed just one week before Christmas. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi — a person whose own daughter described her as someone who could “cut your head off and you won’t even know your bleeding” — feigned somber and patriotic on the House floor as she read off the vote count.

Nearly every headline touted the day as “historic,” with Trump becoming the third president in U.S. history to ever be impeached. But, it was historic for more reasons than that.

“Speaker Pelosi’s House just gave into a temptation that every other House in our history has managed to resist,” Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell said the morning after. “Let’s be clear, the House’s vote yesterday was not some neutral judgement that Democrats came to with great reluctance. It was the predetermined end of a partisan crusade that began before President Trump was even nominated, let alone sworn in.”

Now, many Democrats have said this impeachment proves no president is above the law, though they can’t specify which law Trump has broken. “Abuse of power” and “obstruction of congress” are intentionally vague terms. There’s no evidence any abuse took place even by the most liberal definitions. All parties involved in the fateful Ukraine phone call directly refute the Dems accusations and any witness claims have been shown to be based on assumptions and gossip.

It’s a classic case of projection. Everything the Dems have accused Trump of they’ve done themselves. It was nauseating to watch Democrat congressmen debate impeachment before the vote Wednesday night, invoking the American flag, the founding fathers and the rule of law when, in reality, they’re for burning flags, think the founders where racists and ignore basic immigration laws.

U.S. Representative for Alabama’s fourth congressional district, Robert Aderholt, put it plainly enough: “Twisting the constitution to impeach a president who you fear will be re-elected is a flagrant abuse of the rule of law and an assault on the institution we all swore an oath to. This is the one thing that the founding fathers were most fearful of. This process doesn’t just impugn the president — it shows nothing but disdain and contempt for the voters who duly elected him.”

The impeachment process now moves to the Senate, where it’s expected to fail in removing Trump from office, but that was never the actual goal. Trump’s approval ratings are up. His base has further solidified and grown. Trump has dodged every “bombshell” the left and mainstream media have thrown at him thus far. Most importantly, the economy is up, and unemployment is down. The Dems have nothing to run on. They’re banking on impeachment turning some undecided and moderate voters blue, even if it means they lose some House seats.


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It’s sad that this is what’s considered good reporting.

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