Fairview Douglas

DOUGLAS -- The Fairview Aggies rolled over the Douglas Eagles 42-19 Friday night, putting an abrupt halt to Douglas’ 3-0 winning streak. The Eagles struggled against the Aggies both on offense and defense, with two fumbles and interceptions and difficulty tackling. However, Douglas came alive in the second half, particularly Raygan Edmondson, who scored two touchdowns off long runs from deep in Fairview territory. 

The Aggies received the ball on their own 27-yard line to start off the game. Seven plays later quarterback Parker Martin hammered the ball though several defenders from the 11-yard line for Fairview’s first touchdown with 9:52 left in the quarter. 

Unable to move the ball more than five yards, Douglas went three and one on their first drive and fumbled on the first play of their second possession. Fairview recovered, and Jameson Goble caught a pass in the end zone bringing the score to 14-0 for the Aggies. Less than two minutes later, Douglas threw an interception, giving Fairview great field position on the 10-yard line. Though they were pushed back another 10 yards on the next play, the Aggies were able to score with a long pass into the end zone, which found Caden Jennings with 1:24 left in the first quarter. 

After the kickoff return, Douglas passed another interception, turning it over to Fairview on their 47-yard line. They did manage to get the ball back when Fairview fumbled on the 49-yard line, but their drive ultimately ended in a punt.

Bryan Chamness caught two passes inside the end zone for the Aggies, extending his team's lead to 35-0 at the half. 

The second half started out much like the first, with Fairview scoring its final goal of the night with 8:20 left in the third quarter. 

However, the Eagles were able to move the ball a lot better in the third and fourth quarters leading to three touchdowns shared by Edmondson and Dakota Stewart. Edmondson scored twice of 75-yard runs after catching short passes. He managed to break a few tackles, run around defenders and down the sideline into the end zone. Stewart scored his other goal off an easy short run from the 4-yard line with 15 seconds left in the third quarter.

Unfortunately for the Eagles, they came alive too little too late, which ended their winning streak, bringing their overall record to 3-1.

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