With Alabama Community College Conference teams set to take to the court this weekend in volleyball, then next week in men’s and women’s basketball, friends, family, and fans of ACCC schools will not be able to watch the games in person to start the season.

In a press release sent out Tuesday night, the league announced that no fans will be allowed at indoor sports through at least February 13, at which time, the league will re-evaluate and decide on possibly allowing fans to attend future games.

"As we prepare for an unprecedented spring, we are putting our Conference members, teams, coaches, and student-athletes in the best possible position to begin their seasons, and have them continue," stated Commissioner Dean Myrick.  "It is our hope and desire to slowly implement spectator allowance for our indoor sports, and will put much thought and consideration into the reassessment. We sincerely thank our supporters for their patience and understanding."

Snead State, which sees its volleyball team start Saturday, and its basketball teams start Wednesday, has five men’s basketball games scheduled at home during that span, three women’s basketball games, and three home volleyball dates.

“I wish we could have them, it’s not going to be the same without them there,” men’s basketball coach Jeremiah Patterson said of the decision. “But, we’re just happy that we’re going to get to play. We’ve been working hard to get to play for so long, that whatever they tell us to do, we’re going to do. The players would like to have their friends and family there, but it’s understandable to let us play, and again, we’re doing to do whatever it takes, because we do just want the chance to play.”

The Snead State men’s and women’s basketball teams have not seen the court since last March, after the season was scheduled to begin in early November, while the volleyball team has not played a match in over a year, last playing on November 2, 2019 in a sport that normally runs from late August to early November.

In addition to indoor sports, guidelines were issued for outdoor sporting events, such as baseball, softball, tennis, and golf. Those guidelines include, but are not limited to: Spectators not being allowed in the stands or in close proximity to event activities, restrictions on attendance according to local guidelines, specific entrances for fans, and fans not being allowed on the playing surface or in locker rooms before or after games.

Fans interested in traveling to games are also asked to check with schools or their team's coaches about attendance policies and attendance restrictions that may be in place at each school.

For the full release and all guidelines for fans attending outdoor events, please visit

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