Qualifying for the upcoming for the upcoming municipal election ended Tuesday, July 21.

The following candidates qualified to run in their respective municipalities:


Mayor: Tracy Honea

Council Place 1: Ben McGowan

Council Place 2: Jill Oakley 

Council Place 3: Charles Bailey 

Council Place 4: Ray Kennamer

Council Place 5: Nathan Broadhurst


Mayor: John “Chuck” Ables

Council, at Large (top five chosen): Angelia F. Camp; Tim Gilbert; Sherrie Hiett; Larry “Punch” Lingerfelt; Shon Rogers; Stanley Rooks; Joseph “Joey” Satterfield; Scott Tarrant; Tony Taylor


Mayor: Tera Fortenberry; Roger Dino Richards 

Council Place 1: Jinnette Bixby; Nelson Ferrell 

Council Place 2: Brad Hood; Misty Spence 

Council Place 3: Larry Colvin; Faye Kilgo 

Council Place 4: Lisa D. Collins; Tommy Griffin; Bryan Ray 

Council Place 5: Jimmy F. Barnhill; Connie Brothers; Steven Smith


Mayor: David Dyar and Tim Walker

Place 1: David Ellis and Darrell Parker

Place 2: Jeff Davis and Josh Greer

Place 3: Johnny Willis and Jerry Battles

Place 4: Jeff Sims and Chad Cofield

Place 5: Mike Matthews

Sardis City

Mayor: Russell Amos

Place 1: Scott Whitt, Chris Wahl and Bobby Pounds

Place 2: Brian N. Carnes and G.R. “Cooter” Mosley

Place 3: Keith Wright

Place 4: Chris Royal

Place 5: Lucas Hallmark

The municipal election will take place Tuesday, Aug. 25.

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god bless USA

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