During its recent meeting, the Albertville City Board of Education discussed its evaluation of Boyd English’s performance as superintendent of the school system.

Albertville BOE President Bobby Stewart said the board’s assessment of English’s performance reflected that he met and exceeded their expectations, and “excelled” in educational leadership, as chief executive officer, personnel management, community relations, communication and interpersonal relations, management of pupil personnel services, professional development and leadership, technology management, facilities management and financial management.

“English does not settle for what has been accomplished but continues to press forward,” Stewart said. “Specifically, he continues to foster an attitude of excellence and pride within the faculty and students; communicate effectively at all levels; deal with all issues professionally and appropriately; recognize and acknowledge the great performance of ACS faculty and students; and build public trust, support and involvement in the school system.”

Stewart said it is the board’s opinion that English works “very hard” to do what is best for students, faculty and the Albertville City School System. He said the board also recognizes that his job is “very challenging with so many stakeholders and constraints.”

“We are very fortunate to have him as the leader of our school system,” Stewart said.

Stewart asked the board to extend English’s current contract two years to June 30, 2022 and increase his base salary by 4%. The BOE approved to amend the contract to provide the 4% raise — beginning Nov. 19.

English thanked the board for its “selfless service to the school system.”

In other business, the BOE:

• English requested for Vocal Ease instructor Tyler Reeves to recognize the students in Vocal Ease who have been invited to perform at Carnegie Hall in 2020, which include: Josiah Looney, Mary Elizabeth Maddox, Adria Hamilton, Will Broadhurst, Daniel Pall, Josue Mandujano, Garrett Royster, Jocelyn Claborne, Emma Currier, Emory Berrey, Giovanny Sanchez, Joshua Malone, Herrera Henderson, Charlie Hallcox and Adam Bearden.

• Approved the minutes from the Oct. 22 regular board meeting.

• Approved the following fiscal year 2020 fundraisers:

1. AES ABC tacky Christmas contest — Nov. 20 – Dec. 6 — projected income $125

2. Evans school wide student artwork action — Feb. 25, 2020 — projected income $1,000

3. AES The End Zone Community T-shirts — Nov. 20 - May 21, 2020 — projected income $140

4. AES school wide yearbook sales — Nov. 20 - March 30, 2020 — projected income $100

5. AMS art artsonia.com art auction — Nov. 22, 2019- May 31, 2020 — projected income $1,000

6. AHS special education shirts for “Night to Shine” prom — Dec. 1 – Jan. 17, 2020 — projected income $500

7. AMS cheer Nana Poppins Gourmet Popcorn — Dec. 1 - March 2020 — projected income $600

8. AHS FCCLA service project for mental health — Nov. – Dec. — projected income $300

9. APS PTO penny wars — Feb. 24-28, 2020 — projected income $1,000

• Approved the Nov., fiscal year 2019, fundraiser revenues and deletions.

• Approved the job description for English Language Learner (ESL) teacher.

• Approved the following personnel items:

A. Retirement/Resignations:

1. Tania Swords, resigning as 12-month bookkeeper at AMS, effective Nov. 8.

2. Chelsea Ray, resigning as OSR Auxiliary Teacher at AKPK, effective Jan. 1, 2020.

3. Jerry Walker, retiring as HVAC technician at ACS, effective Jan. 1, 2020.

B. Transfers:

1. Tori Painter, transferring from 10-month Counselor at AMS to 12-month counselor at AMS, effective Jan. 1, 2020.

2. Arline Villacorta, transferring from migrant aide at AKPK, to OSR auxiliary teacher at AKPK, effective Aug. 1.

3. Melia Minor, transferring from migrant teacher at AKPK to OSR teacher at AKPK, effective Aug. 1.

C. Supplement assignments:

1. Baressa Adams, junior varsity tennis coach at AHS, to be paid $1,000 from Tennis Booster, effective Nov. 20.

D. Other:

1. Leslie Fann, temporary transfer from kindergarten teacher to special education teacher at AKPK to fill a leave of absence from Oct. 28 until leave of absence is fulfilled.

• Approved the

following independent contracts:

1. Inked Entertainment LLC (Jared Rollins), Independent contract to provide DJ services for the AMS Christmas dance, to be paid $100 per hour not to exceed $300 by AMS funds, effective Dec. 6, 2019 through Jan. 20, 2020.

2. Inked Entertainment LLC (Jared Rollins), Independent contract to provide DJ services for the AMS spring dance, to be paid $100 per hour not to exceed $300 by AMS funds, effective May 1-22, 2020.

• Approved the renewal of Bids #17-001 and 17-002 for lawn maintenance for schools and athletic fields by Robinson and Waldrop, Landscape Group, LLC, under the same terms and conditions as approved previously.

• Approved to form a soccer booster club at AHS to be called Aggies Goal Club.

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