Two persons of interest are being sought in a burglary of a Marshall County Sheriff’s investigator’s Sardis City home. 

According to Sardis City Police Chief William Alexander, two people are suspected in a burglary of a home on Whitt Circle that occurred just after 9:30 a.m. Wednesday. 

Alexander said the neighborhood is generally a quiet one with few calls. 

“There is only one way in and one way out of that neighborhood,” Alexander said. 

The victim’s wife told police an Hispanic woman was knocking on doors selling home security systems. An Hispanic man waited in a bright blue four-door hatchback car nearby. 

“The lady was a bit pushy, kept coming up with reasons why she needed to come in the house,” Alexander said.

The victim left her home shortly after seeing the woman at nearby homes. When she returned about an hour later, she drove past the couple as they were leaving the neighborhood. 

“She got inside her home and realized her home had been burglarized,” Alexander said. “All her stuff was laying in the floor in various rooms of the house. She said she could tell every room had been gone through.”

Taken were a firearm, electronics and several pieces of jewelry. 

Police suspect the burglars gained entry through the garage door. 

Alexander said another city resident in a different neighborhood reported a similar situation involving a couple matching the description of Wednesday’s suspects. 

“A female came up to the home asking about alarm systems,” he said. “She was very pushy. The homeowner said they not only had an alarm system, but they also had cameras and the interaction was actually on camera right then. The woman ducked her head and was ready to go at that point.”

Alexander said many people do not realize the city has an ordinance requiring anyone selling items door-to-door to apply for a business license from the city. 

“If you see someone in the neighborhood you don’t recognize, or someone comes up trying to sell something, call us,” Alexander said. “It’s absolutely acceptable to call the police at 256-593-6492.

“We can come out to check if that person. If they are legitimate, no harm, no foul. If they are not legitimate, we will then have information in hand about them.

“A lot of times the information we gather may help solve a crime in a neighboring town or another county. We have helped Boaz solve cases in the past. Information they have gathered has helped us close cases.”

Alexander said Sardis City has logged 20 felony cases since September.

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