Each of us face those dark seasons in which we begin to wonder if the sun will ever  rise again. The hope of yesterday faded with its sunset, and we strive to cling to  the assurance that tomorrow will be better.  

But in that moment, we sit in the darkness of night. 

It is quiet. 

It is cold. 

And it is lonely. 

Mary Magdalene had gone to the tomb very early in the morning while it was still  dark to see Jesus, to anoint His body. We know the story: The stone was rolled  away, and He was nowhere to be found.  

Sure, there were angels there to talk to her, but she had not come to see angels. She just wanted Jesus.  

(Please notice that Mary had come to the tomb to worship and anoint a dead body.  I cannot imagine the hopelessness that she felt. He was gone…truly gone.) 

She turned away from the angels only to run into the One for whom she came.  Weeping had truly endured through a horrible night, but she had no idea how  bright the sunrise was about to become. 

Darkness and depression can leave you with a feeling of hopelessness, but it is no  match for the joy of the Lord. Death can be swallowed up by life. Fear can be  swallowed up by perfect love. Depression can be swallowed up by joy.  

I dare you to revisit the empty tomb today. Rediscover the power of the  resurrection of Jesus Christ—the overwhelming power of grave-conquering life! No night you will ever face can diminish the hope of that morning 2000 years ago. Weeping has its purpose, but there is nothing more beautiful than His joy wiping  your tears.


Amanda Conn has been a member of The River Church of God for more than 20 years, involved in several different ministries. She also works at Industrial Rental in Guntersville. She is the wife of Jeff Conn and mother to Jayden and Avery.

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