Earlier today, Gov. Kay Ivey declared a state of emergency ahead of the anticipated tropical weather impact. As Hurricane Sally continues making its way toward the Gulf Coast, Ivey issued a supplemental state of emergency.  

“As the recently upgraded Hurricane Sally continues heading closer to the Gulf Coast, we must give individuals time to prepare for the anticipated impacts of this storm," Ivey stated. "Through a supplemental state of emergency declaration, I am closing all Alabama beaches effective today at 3 p.m. and recommending an evacuation, especially of non-residents and those living in flood-prone areas south of I-10."

Ivey said the hurricane was on track to hit most of the state and possibly produce record-breaking flooding.

"Alabamians are no stranger to tropical weather and the significant damage these storms can do, even though our state is not currently in the direct line of impact," she continued. "Locals will need to prepare their homes, businesses and personal property for imminent storm surge, heavy rain and flash flooding. I urge everyone to tune in to their trusted weather source, and pay attention to your local officials for updates regarding your area as they make further recommendations based off the unique needs of your community. I am staying engaged with our emergency response team at the state level as well as our local officials in Mobile and Baldwin counties, and we will be providing assistance wherever needed. I ask everyone to use their best judgement and practice personal responsibility to ensure safety of themselves, their families and our first responders. Stay weather aware!”

Ivey said she's been working with local and federal officials including President Donald Trump to ensure counties have the latest information and supplies they my need.

"[The Trump Administration] has been in constant communication with my office, and we greatly appreciate their offer to assist where possible & for them keeping an eye on Alabama," Ivey said.

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