Making improvements to a city is a difficult job. There are so many things that go on behind the scenes that people don’t know and can’t see.

Marshall County has become a hot bed for development and reconstruction projects. The three major cities of Albertville, Boaz and Guntersville have all either started or announced projects to better each community.

Albertville and Boaz are working on recreation centers, and they each appear to be worth the investment.

The growth seen throughout all of Marshall County is a refreshing change. People seem to be excited for the change that’s to come and are anxiously waiting for everything to finish.

I haven’t been in Marshall County long, but while working with The Reporter, I’ve seen the changes in a new perspective. I’ve been taken inside the process cities go through to get an approval and seen the hoops they jump through to make their community grow and become a better place for everyone who lives there.

Through Robin Lathan, executive assistant to Albertville Mayor Tracy Honea, I’ve learned that an idea for something new in the city is only the beginning. There’s red tape, obstacles to go through and many people’s approval to go get before any idea can become a reality. From what I can tell, Albertville is doing a fantastic job of getting things done and working hard to make sure everything is done right.

Construction used to seem simple to me growing up. But knowing what I know now, I have a newfound appreciation for what the city and construction crews do.

In the last couple months, I’ve learned a lot about the ins-and-outs of how a city is run, and I look forward to learning much more.

I want to thank the people, all of Albertville’s leaders and everyone here at The Reporter for teaching me so much, and I’m glad to have been given this chance and opportunity.

Noah Turner is a staff writer for The Reporter.

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