Plans to construct a recreation center at the old outlet property in Boaz are closer to coming to fruition.

The Boaz City Council held a special called meeting Tuesday morning to award a bid for construction of the new complex to Eidson & Associates in the amount of $12,750,000. An indoor eight lane pool, an outdoor “resort style” pool area, two activity rooms and a gymnasium with a mezzanine are included in the bid cost. The facility is estimated to be approximately 46,000 square feet.

“It’s going to have everything we’ve been talking about,” Boaz Mayor David Dyar said. “Everything the community needs to be successful and to improve the quality of life in our community. I think it’s a good step in the right direction. We’re on our way to making Boaz the best that it can be, and it just takes these investments — investing in our youth and investing in our city — to turn Boaz around, and we’re doing that.

“I know this is going to give some heartburn to those Facebook warriors that seem to have all the solutions but never run for office,” Dyar added. “Where are they at? Oh, it’s easy to get behind that keypad. And if they’re trying to upset me, I don’t even get on Facebook, so they’re not upsetting me.”

Eidson & Associates’ bid beat out opposing bids from Boatner Construction ($13,321,000), Carmon Construction ($12,786,844), First Team Construction ($12,829, 500) and Lee Builders, Inc. ($13,266, 217). Dyar said each company was given the opportunity to lower its bid on the day they were opened by the city. Eidson & Associates was the only group that lowered its bid.

The cost comes in at nearly $4 million less than what the city had anticipated, but it’s still more than the bond amount taken out in May of 2018. After taking out a $12 million bond issue and spending $3.2 million to build Old Mill Park, the city has less than $9 million left. Dyar said the city would work with its bond council, go back to the market and most likely seek an additional bond to cover remaining expenses.

“The initial projections we were given for the park and rec center was about half for both projects,” Dyar said. “As a matter of fact, we borrowed more than what we thought the projects would cost — or were led to believe. We wouldn’t be going back to the bond market, but because of a number of factors … costs went up.”

Forsyth Building Company will serve as the city’s construction manager for 3% of the total construction cost. Without cost overages factored into the total, Forsyth will be paid $382,500 for the $12,750,000 project. Work completed by architects to design the facility is not included with the bid cost.

Dyar was not sure how quickly Eidson & Associates could begin construction, but he said the city would not have to wait on the second bond issue before breaking ground.

In other business, the council approved the employment of Dustin Baker as a full-time Boaz police officer.

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Hey David, you need understand something ... those "Facebook warriors" you're insulting are also VOTERS with a wide reach. Enjoy your only term as Mayor. I feel sorry for the next Mayor that has to clean up your mess and try to save a bankrupt city. Get ready Boaz, another tax hike is just around the corner.

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