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The North Girls’ All-Stars scored a perfect 15 in the 2021 AHSAA All-Star Week cross country competition at Gateway Park Wednesday afternoon to beat the South All-Stars 15-42. The South boys also posted a narrow 28-29 victory over the North to seal a split  at the fourth North-South All-Star Cross Country competition.

All-Star Sports Week, a highlight of the 25th AHSAA Summer Conference being held at the Montgomery Renaissance Hotel and Convention Center this week.

Leading the North girls, coached by Brandon Barringer of Hatton, was Crawford West of Vestavia Hills, who finished first overall with a time of 19:18.26 in the hot, muggy conditions to earn North MVP honors. Myka Rogers of Corner was second with a time of 20:50.07. The South’s top finisher was Annie Jeffery of UMS-Wright. She crossed the finish line sixth with a time of 21:47.00. The South was coached by Hollis Johnson of Montgomery Catholic.

Woodrow Dean of Tallassee sparked the South boys victory winning the individual competition clocking 15:52.76 to edge South teammate Joseph Perry of UMS-Wright, who was four seconds behind Dean at 15:56.39. Dean earned South MVP honors. Pell City’s Jack Lowe was third with a time of 16:27.37 to claim North MVP honors.

South boys’ head coach was Cliff Carter of Providence Christian, and North coach was John Moore of White Plains.

Results - Women 
  1 West, Crawford               North All-Stars       19:18.26    1 
  2 Rogers, Myka                 North All-Stars       20:50.07    2 
  3 Jackson, Maddie              North All-Stars       20:59.42    3 
  4 Mills, Maci                  North All-Stars       21:02.59    4 
  5 Strickland, Anna             North All-Stars       21:03.20    5 
  6 Jeffery, Annie               South All-Stars       21:47.00    6 
  7 Gray, Lessye                 South All-Stars       21:55.77    7 
  8 Mattingley, Mary             South All-Stars       22:04.80    8 
  9 Sibley, Emma                 South All-Stars       23:11.71    9 
 10 Murner, Mary Alice           North All-Stars       24:13.05   10 
 11 Nelson, Kenlie               North All-Stars       24:13.69   11 
 12 Andrews, Olivia              South All-Stars       24:34.51   12 
 13 Rodgers, Lauren              South All-Stars       24:49.60   13 
 14 Rhodes, Bella                South All-Stars       25:14.12   14 
 15 Barrentine, Lauren           North All-Stars       29:28.72
Results - Men 
  1 Dean, Woodrow                South All-Stars       15:52.76    1 
  2 Perry, Joseph                South All-Stars       15:56.89    2 
  3 Lowe, Jack                   North All-Stars       16:27.37    3 
  4 Amare, Davis                 South All-Stars       16:40.84    4 
  5 Phillips, Mitchell           North All-Stars       16:44.23    5 
  6 Hurt, Trey                   North All-Stars       17:00.86    6 
  7 Verble, Keegan               North All-Stars       17:22.04    7 
  8 Joiner, Steele               North All-Stars       17:35.21    8 
  9 Patterson, Connor            South All-Stars       17:39.07    9 
 10 Wood, Nick                   North All-Stars       17:39.69   10 
 11 Knight, Wyatt                North All-Stars       17:40.27   11 
 12 Jameson, William             South All-Stars       18:08.98   12 
 13 Walker, Justin               South All-Stars       18:29.65   13 
 14 Nickols, Jack                North All-Stars       18:51.94 
 15 Miller, Thomas, Tripp        South All-Stars       19:01.09   14 
 16 Tessay, Brett                South All-Stars       19:11.94 
 17 Woodall, Henry               North All-Stars       19:42.56 
 18 Mann, Cameron                South All-Stars       22:09.02

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