The COVID-19 pandemic has put an end to the traditional field trip to the pumpkin patch. Instead Boaz Elementary School officials brought the pumpkin patch to the school.

Friday morning students were treated to a hayride to the school’s track where a makeshift pumpkin patch gave students an opportunity to pick just the right one to take home.

“Cornutt Farms provided the pumpkins to us at a great price,” said BES Principal Josh Walker. “We’ve spent the day doing fall-themed activities and learning about fall and harvest.”

A parent and a school bus driver volunteered to drive tractors pulling wagons full of hay to the pumpkin patch.

Set up along the front walkway to the school were numerous scarecrows, crafted by each classroom.

“Lots of the students may have seen a scarecrow, but they really didn’t know what it was for,” Walker said. “We’ve learned about that and put our scarecrows out on display.”

Characters included Officer Stanfield, the school’s resource officer; Mr. Potato Head; The Cat in the Hat; a futuristic robot; and a service dog with a handler.

Students worked with teachers to grow a pumpkin inside a pumpkin by opening the top of a pumpkin, and allowing seeds to grow out the top.

“There are lots of vines growing out of our pumpkin,” said first grade teacher Brandy McClendon.

Students ended their day with a special snack of apple juice, candy corn and popcorn.

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