First class service is what the Albertville Airport Board wants to give everyone who flies into Albertville Regional Airport.

Albertville Airport Director Jerry Cofield, who oversees board meetings, said the board’s goal looks to improve and modify any changes to the airport.

The board is appointed by the City of Albertville after every city election. Citizens interested in joining the board are required to submit a letter to the Albertville City Council to be considered.

The board makes recommendations for any and all improvements and sends it to the Albertville City Council. Upon approval, Cofield said it is his job to act on the recommendations that the board proposes.

“As director, I make sure any council-approved recommendation gets done and oversee all work until completed,” Cofield said.

The airport has two major projects currently underway. The first is restriping the runway.

“The whole runway is over 12 years old,” Cofield said. “Restriping it is a long, overdue process.”

Cofield said the airport received more than half a million dollars to complete the restriping. The work should conclude on Nov. 1.

The airport is also building a new large “T” Hangar. The $1.3 million project is expected to be finished in early October.

The Federal Aviation Administration funds 90% of any project that qualifies for funding. The last 10% is split between the state and the city.

“The 5% from the state comes from aviation fuel tags purchased in Alabama by any airline that flies in,” Cofield said. “The 5% from the city comes from selling fuel and getting fuel tax from all airlines that come to our airport. We’re not spending any tax money from residents on the airport.”

Cofield said it’s important for the Albertville Airport to keep growing. The more growth the more revenue the airport brings in for the City of Albertville.

Who’s in Charge? In the next several editions of The Reporter, readers can learn why local boards and commissions were assembled and see what they do for their respective communities.

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