I have booked a flight to Las Vegas and bought a lottery ticket. Why? Because I’m a lucky man.

[Editor’s Note: I didn’t really book a flight to Vegas or buy a lottery ticket, although, maybe I should.]

Now if your confused, I could certainly understand why, but allow me to explain: When a man loves a woman ...

On second thought, just read that headline again.

Not only am I lucky to be having another child with my lovely wife, Kelly, but I’m lucky because I realized I’m part of the 1%.

According to the doctor, the birth control prescribed for Kelly was supposed to be 99% percent effective.

Boy, did we ever make that statistic look silly.

On a serious note, we are so fortunate to have another child — or as the Bible refers to them, another blessing from God.

Kelly is due at the end of April. Are we a little terrified of having two babies so close together? You bet. But, we look forward to our children being able to grow up close to each other.

I look forward to the impending fist fights and shouting matches surely to come. Ah yes, there’s nothing like true sibling love.

Kelly and I are hoping for a boy, but we’ll certainly be happy to learn how to put oversized bows in a little girl’s hair.

In other news, the fundraising campaign for Baby Beck No. 2 has officially launched. If interested in making a donation of any kind, just give us a call.

But more than anything, we appreciate the kind words of encouragement and prayers already sent our way. We will certainly need them.

Life has changed since we welcomed Eli Duskin six months ago, and we look forward to another addition coming soon.

Taylor Beck is managing editor for The Reporter. He can be reached at taylor.beck@sandmountainreporter.com.

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