When Marshall County Sheriff’s deputies responded to a call of “shots fired” in Nixon Chapel on Wednesday night, members of the community were shaken. However, the alleged shots only came from a BB gun.

Marshall County Sheriff Phil Sims said a man and woman were involved in a domestic dispute over a vehicle when the woman allegedly shot at the man with a BB gun.

When the call was first sent out, Sims said, deputies were told shots had been fired, and the man shot was bleeding from the arm. When deputies arrived, more information was brought to light.

After the man, later identified as Stan Isbell, was shot by his "girl friend" with a BB gun, Isbell went to hide in the woods. The woman also fled the scene. With help from local agencies, both were found. After interviewing the two, Sims said the situation "ended up being nothing."

No injuries were reported, and Sims said no charges had been filed as of Thursday morning.

Later Thursday morning, around 11:30 a.m., the girl friend —who elected to remain nameless — reached out to The Reporter and shared her side of the story.

She said she "didn't just go crazy" and pull a gun on Isbell, and there was no dispute about a vehicle. Rather, she said she confronted Isbell because she suspected Isbell had been to a former girlfriend's home. She later went to the former girlfriend's home, and that's when she said a gun was pulled on her.

She said she did not flee the scene, but she left to go find Isbell.

Isbell, 50, of Albertville, was arrested, but only because there was a warrant for his arrest in Boaz — unrelated to the domestic situation Wednesday.

Nixon Chapel is a community located outside Albertville's city limits, near the town of Douglas.

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