[Editor's Note: This article was edited to remove Corey Booker as a Democratic candidate for President of the U.S. He suspended his campaign Jan. 13.]

Primary elections for federal, state and local offices are fast approaching. The results of the primaries on March 3 determine which candidates will represent their parties during the November election. Candidates running unopposed in their party may not appear on the ballot.

Candidates in the Republican primary include:

President of the U.S.

• Donald J. Trump

• Bill Weld

U.S. Senator

• Stanley Adair

• Bradley Byrne

• Arnold Mooney

• Roy Moore

• Ruth Page Nelson

• Jeff Sessions

• Tommy Tuberville

Associate Justice of the Supreme Court, Place No. 1:

• Greg Shaw

• Cam Ward

Court of Civil Appeals Judge, Place No. 2:

• Phillip Bahakel

• Matt Fridy

Court of Criminal Appeals Judge, Place No. 1:

• Melvin Hasting

• Mary Windom

Court of Criminal Appeals Judge, Place No. 2:

• Jill Ganus

• Beth Kellum

• Will Smith

President, Public Service Commission:

• Twinkle Andress Cavanaugh

• Robin Litaker

Delegates to the 2020 Republican National Convention, state at large, include:

Statewide Delegates, Place No. 1:

Trump Delegates

• Kay Ivey

• Jim Zeigler

Uncommitted Delegates:

• S. Mark Booth

• Tim Huddleston

Statewide Delegates, Place No. 2

Trump Delegates

• Bill Harris

• Steven King

Statewide Delegates, Place No. 3

Trump Delegates

• America Cross Carswell

• Donald Trent Jones

• Tom Parker

Statewide Delegates, Place No. 4

Trump Delegates

• James “Jim” Bennett

• Margaret S. Clarke

• Chad Hanson

Danny Perry

• Will Smith

Statewide Delegates, Place No. 5

Trump Delegates

• Steven King

• J.T. “Jabo” Waggoner

Weld Delegates

• Kelly Donn Schultz

• Kathleen Zimmerman

Statewide Delegates, Place No. 6

Trump Delegates

• Dottie Kemp Beaver

• Forrest Burke

• James Dean

• William N. (Bill) Dunn

• James Henderson

• Gene Piatkowski

Statewide Delegates, Place No. 7

Trump Delegates

• Bob Baccus

• Carla King

• Joe Lovvorn

Statewide Delegates, Place No. 8

Trump Delegates

• Linda Evans Baccus

• Arnold Mooney

Statewide Delegates, Place No. 9

Trump Delegates

• Dona Barnes

• Cam Ward

Statewide Delegates, Place No. 10

Trump Delegates

• Bethany Busenlehner

• Ben Harrison

• Perry Hooper

Statewide Delegates, Place No. 11

Trump Delegates

• Dennis H. Beavers

• Colin Luke

• Cindy C. Monaghan-Holcomb

• Larry Sims

Statewide Delegates, Place No. 12

Trump Delegates

• Ginger Mccord

• Barbee Deanna Frankowski

• James Mathews

Statewide Delegates, Place No. 13

Trump Delegates:

• Chuck Clarke

• Greg Cook

• Greg Fanin

• Alva M. Lambert

• Grady H. Thornton

Statewide Delegates, Place No. 14

Trump Delegates

• Vicki Self Bailey

• Chris Brown

Statewide Delegates, Place No. 15

Trump Delegates

• Joseph Matthew Domnanovich

• Don Fisher

• Dottie James Parker

• Joe Williams

Statewide Delegates, Place No. 16

Trump Delegates

• Joe Freeman

• Will Matthews

• Pat Mccain Wilson

Statewide Delegates, Place No. 17

Trump Delegates

• Sallie Bryant

• Fred Joly

• Cate Summer

Statewide Delegates, Place No. 18

Trump Delegates

• Adam Bourne

• Julie Clausen

• Bradley Cox

• Susan Dubose

Statewide Delegates, Place No. 19

Trump Delegates

• Paul Demarco

• Timothy (Tim) Wadsworth

Statewide Delegates, Place No. 20

Trump Delegates

• Freddy Ard

• Hannah Sorrell

Statewide Delegates, Place No. 21

Trump Delegates

• Michael Brooks

• Vickie Evans

• Fuller Charles

• Knight Marshall Yates

Statewide Delegates, Place No. 22

Trump Delegates

• Johnny Amari

• Robin Hines Foy

• Elbert Peters

Statewide Delegates, Place No. 23

Trump Delegates

• Nick Adams

• Sue Alexander

• Carson M. Butler

• Kyle South

Statewide Delegates, Place No. 24

Trump Delegates

• Marcy Simpson

• Brown Chad Kilgore

• Tom J. Richardson

• Cathy Joanne Sellers

Statewide Delegates, Place No. 25

Trump Delegates

• Jonathan O. Barbee

• Caleb Conner

• Josh Dodd

Statewide Delegates, Place No. 26

Trump Delegates

• Joseph Fuller

• Joan Reynolds

Delegates to the 2020 Republican National Convention by congressional district include:

Delegates, Place No. 1, 4th Congressional District

Trump Delegates

• Wes Kitchens

• Bonnie Sachs

• Bradley L. “Brad” Williams

Delegates, Place No. 2, 4th Congressional District

Trump Delegates

• Mack N. Butler

• Bill Jr. Cleghorn

• Jason Tiffin

• David Wisdom

Delegates, Place 3, 4th Congressional District

Trump Delegates

• Champ Crocker

• Andrew Pinyan

• Andrew Sorrell

Candidates in the Democrat primary include:

President of the United States:

• Michael Bennet

• Joseph R. Biden

• Michael R. Bloomberg

• Pete Buttigieg

• Julián Castro

• Amy Klobuchar

• Elizabeth Warren

• Charles E. Ohare Jr.

• John K. Delaney

• Bernie Sanders

• Tom Steyer

• Joseph R. Biden

• Robert Avery

• Marianne Williamson

• Maudie Bedford

• Andrew Yang

President, Public Service Commission:

• Laura Casey

• Robert L. Mardis III

Delegates to the 2020 Democratic National Convention, 4th congressional district, include:

Joe R. Biden delegates:

• Robert Avery

• Maudie Bedford

• Roger Bedford

• Charles E. Ohare Jr.

• Nicholas J. Shabel

• Jim Spearman

• Robert T. (Bob) Wilson, Jr.

Pete Buttigied delegates:

• Phillip Chandler

• Laura K. Gregory

• William Smith

Bernie Sanders delegates:

• Stan Glasscox

• Jared D. Vaughn

• Tabatha Vaughn

• C “CiCe” Whiteside-Curry

Elizabeth Warren delegates:

• Peggy Baker

• John C. Brown

• Kyah Harris

• Tom Johnson

• Dakota Nichols

Andrew Yang delegates:

• Dax Atkins

Uncommitted delegates:

• Yvonne Gist Foster

• James Parker

A proposed amendment to appear on the ballot statewide states: “Proposing an amendment to the Constitution of Alabama of 1901, to change the name of the State Board of Education to the Alabama Commission on Elementary and Secondary Education; to provide for the appointment of the members of the commission by the Governor, subject to confirmation by the Senate; to change the name of the State Superintendent of Education to the Secretary of Elementary and Secondary Education; to provide for the appointment of the secretary by the commission, subject to confirmation by the Senate; and to authorize the Governor to appoint a team of local educators and other officials to advise the commission on matters relating to the functioning and duties of the State Department of Education. (Proposed by Act 2019-345)”

Marshall County Elections

County Commission, District No. 3:

• Gavin Adams

• David Kelley

• Lee Sims

A proposed amendment which applies to only Marshall County states: “Relating to Marshall County, proposing an amendment to the Constitution of Alabama of 1901, to provide that, effective immediately upon ratification of this amendment, all allowances or amounts received by the sheriff for feeding prisoners would be deposited in a special account and used for feeding prisoners in the county jail and any excess in the fund would be authorized to be used for law enforcement purposes by the sheriff. (Proposed by Act 2019-232)“

DeKalb County Elections

County Coroner:

• Tom Wilson (D)

County Superintendent of Education:

• Jason Barnett (R)

District Court Judge:

• N/A

Revenue Commissioner:

• Tyler Wilks (R)

County Board of Education, District 1:

• Randy Peppers (R)

County Board of Education, District 2:

• Chris Andrews (R)

County Commission, District 1:

• Joseph Lee (R)

• Shane Wootten (R)

County Commission, District 2:

• Terry Harris (R)

• Scot Westbrook (R)

County Constable, District 1:

• N/A

County Constable, District 2:

• William Lee

County Constable, District 3:

• Jimmy Carter

• Michael Twilley

County Constable, District 4:

• Mark Huber

• Jeff Keener

• Billy J. Whitt

Etowah County elections

County Commission, District 2:

• Johnny M. Grant

County Commission, District 3:

• Jamie Grant

• Harvey Martin

Revenue Commissioner:

• Becky Nordgren

• Jeff Overstreet

• Bonnie A. Yarnell

Board of Education, Place No. 1:

• Paul Allen

• Tim Womack

• Tiffany Holcomb-Works

Board of Education, Place No. 2:

• Scarlett Rains Farley

Board of Education, Place No. 3:

• Jay Freeman

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