Shoppers far and wide need to get their hand-bags ready.

While wine trails and a variety of food trails may sound familiar, the Boaz Area Chamber of Commerce recently unveiled a new trail that’s the first of its kind – the Boaz Boutique Trail.

Boaz Area Chamber of Commerce President Jodi Skinner believes the trail could serve as a great way to put Boaz back on the map.

“One thing I love is that we are smack dab in the middle of two of the wine trail wineries with Jules J. Berta Vineyards and Wills Creek Vineyards and Winery,” Skinner said. “It was basically a brain-child from being a part of the Alabama Mountain Lakes Tourist Association and seeing the trails they’ve created all over North Alabama. And, I was just looking for something to bring people to Boaz. And, the thing about it, every place featured on the trail is unique, so it’s going to be a lot of fun.”

The boutique trail features eight local shops including Allie and Me Boutique, Back Roads Boutique, the BoxTruck Boutique, Crystal Corner, Old Mill Trading Company, Scarlett Rose Boutique, The Sun Shack and Willow Tree Boutique. Allie and Me Boutique is the trail’s Gold Sponsor. The BoxTruck Boutique is the trail’s bronze sponsor.

“Allie and Me Boutique is super-excited and honored to be the Gold Sponsor for the Boaz Chamber of Commerce Boutique Trail,” Misty Burgess, owner of Allie and Me Boutique said. “Hopefully, this program will help drive customers into stores they may not have ever shopped with before and spark new relationships within our community.”

Burgess said the boutique trail was also a testament to what good things happen when a city’s business

leaders unite. Not only would others be encouraged to shop in Boaz, she said, but they would be encouraged to shop locally, not matter where that is for the shopper.

“It’s amazing what a community can accomplish when we work together and support one another, especially locally owned small businesses,” Burgess said. “When you shop local, you’re providing jobs within the community, you’re paving streets and building parks. Keeping your sales tax dollars local does so many wonderful things for our community. Small business owners tend to give back to their community in ways big box stores can’t. We buy local ourselves and support our neighbors and fellow small business owners. It feels so good to help neighbors and friends succeed. In addition, we strive to provide excellent one on one customer service. Shop Boaz first.”

Staci McDowell, a co-owner of The BoxTruck Boutique, said she is thrilled to be part of the trail. She said meeting new people and having new customers stroll through Boaz would be a lot of fun.

“Seeing new faces will be what we enjoy the most,” McDowell said. “We already have our regulars of course, but I think this will draw other people in. Maybe new people from this area and people from surrounding areas too. That will be neat.”

If one chooses to take part in the Boaz Boutique Trail, Skinner said to swing by the chamber’s office, located at 100 Bartlett Ave. in Boaz, and pick up a “passport.” The “passport” is a brochure that details each boutique on the trail and has a special place designated to be stamped. Once each store has been visited and the passport is completely stamped, Skinner said there is a gift bag full of “swag” that can either be picked up or sent to the shopper.

For more information about The Boaz Boutique Trail, call the chamber at 256-593-8154 or log onto

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