So far this school year, 27 students in Mrs. Natalie Strickland’s Business Technology Applications (BTA) classes have earned 64 Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) credentials in the areas of Word, Word Expert, Excel Expert, PowerPoint and Outlook. These industry-recognized credentials validate mastery of skills, offer higher earning potential, opens the door for networking in a career field, increases student confidence, and sets students apart from the competition. One of the many benefits of the MOS program is that Microsoft applications are utilized in a wide variety of workplaces and jobs.

Attaining these credentials also indicate that the student is college and career ready and have the skills necessary to compete in today’s job market.

In addition to the over two dozen students who have earned credentials, there are three students who have gained the highly coveted Master Level by earning credentials in all of the following areas: Word Expert, Excel Expert, PPT, and Outlook. These students are Autumn Minyard, Kaley Minyard and Caden Parrish. To achieve this level of mastery takes a commitment to learning that will position them to enter the workforce immediately and put into practice these skills that are in very high demand. Few students attain this level of certification. Mrs. Strickland works diligently with those students who are committed to the hard work necessary for credentialing and is very proud of those students who achieve these certifications. Sardis High School also offers an advanced BTA class so students may further develop these 21st century skills that are so necessary today.

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