Dear Editor:

On Dec. 31, 2019, there were 301 members of Friends of the Guntersville Public Library. These members who, through their donations, are the people who support the Guntersville Public Library. There is also a fifteen member Board of Directors. This Board consists of retired teachers and educators, accountants, nurses, state park employees, computer gurus, and even a fire chief. These are dedicated ladies who donate their time and talent to support the Library.

It is a working board with some creating the newsletter, others handle the accounting and some keep the book store stocked. Several help clean and catalogue donated books which is an on-going almost everyday job. There is a committee to handle the Little Free Library project and also the corporate sponsorship program. Every one of the fifteen members then works together to host two annual book sales. It is a busy group.

Those serving on the Board are Deborah Belcher, Kim Benefield, Shirl Culbert, Michelle Edwards, Jennifer Hulsey, Karan Sue Kimmel, Joyce Kirkpatrick, Joy Langford, Jan Mramor, Becky Rowe, Allison Simpson, Ruthann Smiley, Maureen Tipton, Jeannie Wallace and Nancy Wilson.

Created in 1978, the Friends group has given over $545,000 to the Library. They have, among other projects, purchased computers, hundreds and hundreds CD’s and DVD’s, supported children’s programs, Friday Foreign Films, Indie Films, and of course hundreds and hundreds of books for the Library. While to some the group may have a small budget, it is important to the Library. Money raised goes to the Library with less than $1,000 being used for operating expenses which are mainly the cost of the newsletter, printing and postage.

It is easy to see that the members of Friends of the Guntersville are valued and are very important.

Jeannie Wallace


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