The Marshall County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO) reported that a Douglas High School student was arrested for threats against the town’s schools.

Over the last few days, the Marshall County Sheriff’s Office — along with the Douglas Police Department — investigated reports of student threats being made at Douglas schools.

“We do not take this type of threats lightly regardless of the reasons why they were said,” Marshall County Sheriff Phil Sims said. “The safety of our students is priority.”

Today, Sims said MCSO investigators and deputies arrested a 16-year-old, male student at Douglas High School. He said the student was charged with “making a terrorist threat involving the school, which is a “Class C felony.” The student is being held by juvenile authorities.

During the course of the investigation, Sims said they did not believe the students or faculty were “under immediate threat or danger.”

“We were able to quickly assess the information and make an arrest today based on the hard work of our deputies and investigators,” Sims said. “We will hold students accountable for their actions that disrupts school and related school activities. I would like to say thank you to Douglas Police Department, Dr. Cindy Wigley, Juvenile Probation and all county school officials that helped today.”

The Reporter reached out to Marshall County School Superintendent Cindy Wigley for comment.

“We appreciate the immediate action and professional service provided to our schools by Sheriff Phil Sims and his staff, the Douglas Police Department, and the staff of Douglas High School,” Wigley said. “It is also a good time to remind everyone to thank the Marshall County Commission for securing funds in order to provide a school resource officer in each of our 14 schools. We all thank you.”

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