No matter what you believe or feel about all the divisive issues in our community, there’s one thing everyone can get behind, and that’s improving the environment.

No, I’m not necessarily talking about the “big, bad” global warming debate. I just mean simply doing what you can each day to improve the community and leave less of a foot print on the earth.

The first step is work on your household by recycling. Luckily, there are two recycling centers in Marshall County, one in Albertville and one in Guntersville.

Anyone can drop off recyclable items at the Albertville-Boaz Recycling Center, located at 311 Sand Mountain Dr. The center accepts anything from newspapers to aluminum cans to plastic bottles. There’s a full list of what is accepted, hours of operation and other useful information at or call 256-891-8298.

The Guntersville Recycling Center, located at 3450 Wyeth Mountain Rd., accepts recyclable items from individuals living inside and outside the city limits. The city also provides curbside recycling to all its residents. The city allows residents to pick up blue bags free of charge from city hall, the water board, recreation center and library. For more information about what the center accepts or hours of operation, call 256-571-7598.

Also, Albertville, Boaz and Guntersville have beautification boards working to make each city better for residents and visitors. With the cities working tirelessly to improve the community, why wouldn’t we pitch in and help make the community a better place to enjoy?

If you’re ready to do more than just recycle, the Marshall County People Against a Littered State (PALS) is always looking for more help. PALS has regular meetings, holds litter pickup days and hosts educational events for area schools, local leaders and anyone wanting to volunteer. I’ve been to a couple of the PALS meetings, they are a fun group that is very passionate about making our area cleaner, safer and more beautiful. Visit the PALS Facebook page, website or email Cecilia Pullen, the groups executive director, at

With two recycling centers, the city beautification projects and groups like PALS, there’s no excuse not to get involved. Our local leaders have really set us up for success. So, let’s show our appreciation by recycling at home and at work, supporting PALS by volunteering and by getting involved in our city’s mission to make our community look its best.

Nickie Simpson is a staff writer for The Reporter. She can be reached at

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