“I’ll just have the salad” takes on a whole new meaning as Hope United Methodist Church invites everyone to be its guests at its annual buffet salad luncheon.

Event Coordinator Nancy Ratcliffe said Hewitt Methodist Church hosted the event since the 1990s until the merger between Hewitt and Summit Church in 2016. Hewitt stopped hosting the event in 2014 until the new Hope United Methodist Church put them back on the menu last August, she said.

The salad buffet will have an array of dishes, Ratcliffe said. From meat salads to different desserts, the buffet will have a little piece of what everyone is looking for and not just leafy greens, she said.

“The first few years we had very minimal men,” Ratcliffe said. “They were all scared off at the thought it was only green salad. But after word got out that we have everything from chicken salad to pasta salad, not just the green stuff, we’ve had more men than ever.”

The luncheon will take place Thursday, Aug. 1, from 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Admission will be $8 with all proceeds going to future mission trips and capital improvements to the church.

Hope United is a state accredited daycare and is devoted to helping people across the world and community. Last weekend, the church was able to give out 400 water bottles to people running on the Boaz trail.

Hope United Methodist Church is located at 1110 Walnut Street in Albertville. For more information about the event, contact the church at 256-878-1813.

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