From a four-year-old taking over as “mayor” to Bill Ingram giving the folks with Keep Albertville Beautiful (KAB) a $1,000 check, the latest Albertville City Council meeting was full of positivity.

Bringing a bit of levity to the meeting, Councilman Ray Kennamer brought his grandson, Hudson Ray Furrer, along with him. Albertville Mayor Tracy Honea asked the four-year-old if he wanted to be mayor, so Hudson jumped into Honea’s chair. Kennamer proudly said his grandson wasn’t shy at all, and all of the council seemed to get a kick out of that.

In his address to the council, Ingram said he appreciated KAB for making the city look clean and beautiful. To KAB board members Kelly Godwin and Reba Cofield, he said, “thank you” and made a $1,000 donation to the KAB.

To help to continue keeping the city clean and beautiful, Cofield said KAB needs “some young blood” to volunteer. Godwin said KAB will be planting the fall/winter downtown baskets and containers after mid-October. Also, she said the KAB would be pre-selling poinsettias, 12” plants for $20, orders for more than five are $18 each. She said people could also pick white or red plants.

Recently, the KAB got new, anti-litter signage to place around the city, and Godwin said they want to know where people would like to see them.

“We have some locations mapped out, but don’t want to miss any areas people believe they would be an asset,” Godwin said. “If anyone has a location in mind they can email the KAB.”

She said the email address to send the suggestions for locations to is:

In other business, the council:

• Approved the minutes from the Sept. 9 council meeting.

• Approved ordinance No. 1640-19 to rezone property located at 105 East Alabama Ave. from B-2, community business district, to R-1, low density residential district.

• Authorized the solicitation of bids for improvements to Edmondson Road for Sand Mountain Park and Amphitheater.

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