A Boaz man is behind bars on multiple sex abuse-related charges.

According to Marshall County Sheriff’s Office Assistant Chief Deputy Steve Guthrie, Christopher Pruitt, 30, of Boaz, was arrested on charges of sexual abuse of a child under the age of 12 and first-degree sexual abuse.

He was booked into the Marshall County Jail under $100,000 in bonds, Guthrie said.

“It is a case worked by our investigators after a report was made to the Department of Human Resources,” he said. “Allegations were made, the victim was interviewed at the Child Advocacy Center and based on that information, we were able to obtain a warrant for his arrest.”

However, once the warrants were obtained, Pruitt was nowhere to be found. His information and charges were entered into a nationwide database for wanted persons.

On Monday, a report was made to the Sheriff’s Office of an unattended death within the county, and deputies responded to take a report and the coroner was called.

“It was discovered the person that had made the report was actually the offender [Pruitt],” Guthrie said. “Once that was made clear, a deputy went back to the residence and made the arrest.”

Pruitt remains housed in the Marshall County Jail.

In a separate jail-related matter, Guthrie reported a routine shakedown of the jail annex took place Tuesday morning.

Guthrie said shakedowns are undertaken routinely to search for contraband, such as drugs or tobacco products, and weapons.

“I’m proud to say nothing was found other than a razor or two that were broken off a razor they use to shave with,” Guthrie said. “No shanks or other weapons were found.”

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Jacob pruitt

Truth is Chris is the best kind of person you could ever meet. I promise you that ever time he goes anywhere he makes a friend. It really breaks my heart for hear say to give anyone the right to charge a crime like this on such a good person. Chris would never an anyone who knows him would not second guess the fact he is innocent. The truth is that Brian weaver his father Thomas weaver was molesting that child an she lied about who it really was .Brian never new that the reason his older sister witch is ten years older than him was removed from the home cause Thomas witch is Brian half sister was being molested by Thomas. I dated Tiffany for 3 years an every weekend Thomas would come get that girl but

Never one time did he get the 2 boys an she just wanted her way an not be made to have to listen to her mom cause she new that she would be taken out of her moms if she told dhr she didn’t feel safe at home an would be removed just to get her way to be placed with Thomas cause she got anything an away with anything with no consequences. An just shorty after Thomas died an Brian use the money to take them kids just to be mean. Tiffany was always having it out with him cause he got a new woman Kayla Moses an wanted to have his new family an nothing to do with the children he already had. Also he him self threatened to break me an Tiffany up bye accusing abuse before so he got his child to lie on perpose an coached her to say the lies for his own entertainment. Brian and Kayla both are manipulative an coaching them kids to lie. He even got Tiffany arrested bye coaching his daughter to say her mom threatened to kill her. With just hear say does the bill of right give any one the right to ruin someone’s life.Chris is one person who doesn’t deserve this. Chris needs real friends an family more than can be known right now not strangers who are out to hurt him. People will believe anything. Believe me I’m gonna have his back an do everything to support him threw this so if anyone who can understand help is hard to find when it’s just to do for it’s the right thing an no gain I’ll find a way Chris I promise


Wow. You are pretty much putting the victim out there and victim shaming a child! You are a twisted individual. I have seen your nasty posts on facebook. You were there when it happened. If they were going to "Brain wash" the child to lie, why not say it was you? Y'all need some mental help. Please seek it.


Your the one that needs help no one is shamming that child its the parent being shamed


There is no evidence this has occur stop assuming

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