The Marshall County Board of Education (MCBOE) met three times Thursday, Sept. 26, to discuss and approve a budget for the 2019-2020 fiscal year. 

Marshall County Chief School Finance Officer Laura Howard presented the budget to the board, highlighting key revenue and expense items, the most notable of which was paying off a 30-year bond issue. 

The Public School and College Authority bond issue with the State of Alabama had a remaining balance of $30 million when Howard started working with Marshall County in 2004. Since then, the bond has been a $700,000 drain on the school system’s yearly budget. 

Now that it is paid off, the money that would have gone to paying it will be rolled into capital outlay funds, which are currently being put toward maintenance salaries and utilities. This will allow Marshall County schools to have one-month’s operating costs ($3,519,827.35) available in the general fund by the end of the fiscal year, Howard said.

Busing and transportation issues were among the largest expenses in the budget. The school system will need $300,000 more in funding than what the state provides, plus $381,931.91 for special needs buses, which are not funded by the state. The number of special needs bus routes in 2020 will increase to 18 from 10 in 2018, Howard said.

Beginning Oct. 1, the overall fund balance was $6,286,361.22 and is expected to be $6,479,501.41 by the end of Sept. 2020.

According to the budget, 66% of the revenues will come from state sources, 20% from local sources, 13% from federal and 1% from “other” sources. Sixty-three percent of expenses will go to instructional services —teacher salaries — 15% to auxiliary services, 10% to operation and maintenance, 4% to administration, 4% to debt services and the rest to general fund and capital outlay.

“We’re under a tight budget,” Howard said. 

Even though Marshall County paid off a large budget item last year, the principal payments on other loans are due to increase, she said.

The MCBOE held the regularly scheduled meeting after the budget hearing and voted unanimously to approve the budget.

In other business, the board tabled a travel plan proposal for DAR High School to visit the Exhibition Museum in Atlanta, Georgia, in April. MCBOE member Terry Kennamer said he believes another school was also planning to travel there around the same time and could possibly combine their plans with DAR.

“I’d like to see a little more research on that,” MCBOE member Brian Naugher said.

The board also approved the following personnel action items:



• Michael Dollar, bus driver, Asbury Schools, resignation of employment, effective Sept. 16.

• Clayton Tuggle, materials center, Marshall County Schools, resignation for retirement, effective Nov. 1.

• Johnny Ashley, bus driver, Asbury Schools, resignation of employment, effective Sept. 18.

Contract/Professional Services Agreement

• Michele Lee, part-time music teacher, Asbury Elementary School, effective Oct. 1.


Leave of Absence

• Cindy Puckett, custodian, DAR Elementary School, effective Sept. 12-Oct. 20.



• Crystal Baker, Spanish/career prep teacher at Douglas High School to English language teacher, Douglas High School, paid from state English as a second langue (ESL) funds (.5 State/.5 FTE) effective Oct. 1.

• Isavel Cruz, teacher, Douglas High and Douglas Middle Schools to English language teacher, Douglas Middle School, paid from state ESL funds (.5 State/.5 FTE) effective Oct. 1.



• Joey White, volunteer varsity football coach, Brindlee Mountain High School, effective immediately.


New Employees

• Russell Barlow, Douglas High School, 7-hour Child Nutrition Program (CNP) stock clerk/janitor, effective Sept. 30.

• Kristy Monday, bus driver, Asbury Schools, effective Sept.19.

• Olivia Schultz, bus driver, Asbury Schools, effective Sept. 18.

• Sabrina Templeton, CNP worker, Asbury Schools, effective Sept. 27.

• Heather Silas, CNP worker, Asbury Schools, effective Sept. 27.

• Kathryn McCormack, teacher, Brindlee Mountain Primary School, effective Oct. 14.

• Karla Hernandez, home visitor, Sloman/Claysville campuses, effective Oct. 1, paid from Parents as Teachers state grant allocation.

• Christy Ann Davis, home visitor, Claysville campus, effective Oct. 15, paid from Parents as Teachers state grant allocation.

• Laura Martinez, migrant recruiter, Asbury High School, effective Oct. 1, paid from migrant federal funds.

• Daisy Guzman, part-time translator, Douglas High School, effective Oct. 1.

• Elvira Cantellano, part-time instructional assistant, Douglas High School, effective Oct. 1, paid from Title I funds.

• Alina Robertson, teacher, Douglas High School, pending Alabama certification, effective Sept. 26.


Due to a family medical emergency, Special Education Supervisor Annie Spike oversaw the meetings in place of Superintendent Cindy Wigley. 

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