Dear Editor,

France and America have had a long-time, off and on relationship of trust and mistrust understandings.  The two countries have opposed each other as well as joined together in wars and economic understanding depending on the objective at hand.  The recent economic dispute on joint submarine building is only another situation stirring in the pot.  The gift from France of the Statue of Liberty was at that time a way of making amends to their relationship at the time.

The sonnet written by Emma Lazarus in 1883 has had a longtime associated connection with our thoughts of the Statue of Liberty.  This sonnet may not have been written specifically for the presentation of the gift.  A small part of the sonnet is expressed more often than the sonnet in its entirety.  Was this sonnet presented as a crude joke on America?  We commonly associate these words of this sonnet when we think of the Statue of Liberty “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses, the homeless, the wretched and those who yearn to be free, send these.”

Many of our forefathers may have been described by one or more of these thoughts.  Many of the migrants were entering America before the gift was given.  Many arrived after the statue was erected.  We are not told of the established rules of the day back then.  Rules and regulations have now been placed on the books with expectations that these laws will be followed.  Once having arrived in America the migrant families quickly realigned their lives to prove a new purpose in life.  Having rebuilt their lives, their purpose also built a strong republic of which became the United States of America.

The huddled masses gathered in Afghanistan and at the border of Texas with the desire to enter America have no consideration to adhere to the laws pertaining for legal entry.  The countries from which they have come must not apply any such laws.  Yes, they are tired, homeless, poor and have a desire to be free.  Free from many, many adversities.  To be free they must learn sudden changes in life that they were not accustomed to.  They will have to learn to work hard and earn their freedom they wish for.  They must understand that handouts are not forever.  This is a temporary offering of help.  Nothing is free forever.   One might consider, ‘Is it time to reinstate the draft as a way to curb freeloaders unwilling to fight and defend our nation.’  America does not need vagrancies that are not willing to rebuild our nation when disasters strikes.

When former President, Donald Trump, spoke of admitting into America persons of educational values, economic improvements and skilled technical inter-structural workers to maintain and improve our nation it must be remembered that many scientists were imported into the United States to help promote our ability to lead in the space race program back in the late 50’s and early 60’s.  Maintaining this lead cannot be achieved without the desires to improve education and other resources.  Duplicating the lack of effort as third world countries ignore will not achieve a first-rate nation.

May God bless America, 

Henry D. Sims


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