In a statewide study by Security Baron, Albertville and Boaz were calculated as two Alabama’s safest cities.

Security Baron is a consumer-focused website dealing in matters of security — home security, property security, cybersecurity, and more. It used the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s (FBI) 2016 and 2017 Uniform Crime Reporting data to calculate the top-50 safest cities. Ranking factors include the rate of violent crimes and property crimes like murder, rape, robbery, assault, burglary, theft, vehicle theft and arson, as well as median income and police officer rates per 1000 people.

The City of Albertville was slotted at No. 16 with a safety score of 70.99. With a population of 21,588 and median income of $37,619, there are 7,147 households located in the city. There are 1.02 violent crimes and 30.02 property crimes per 1,000 citizens. There is a 2.08 citizen-to-officer ratio.

“Obviously very glad to hear,” Albertville Police Chief Jamie Smith said. “I think it’s great news. I think it’s a group effort between local, elected officials helping with equipment and funding for not only the police department, but also public safety in general. I can’t say enough about each and every officer, dispatcher and the corrections staff at the department who does the job daily. They are a great bunch of guys who work hard to keep our city safe. I am extremely proud of every employee at the police department. They are a very dedicated group of people.

“Also, I think the citizens play a role in this as well,” Smith said. “They often act as our eyes and ears and trust us enough to do our job. The community here has always been very supportive of the police, and they are to be commended as well.”

The City of Boaz ranked No. 24 with a safety score of 62.26. With a population of 9,748 and median income of $41,488, there are 3,494 households located in the city. There are 7.9 violent crimes and 34.16 property crimes per 1,000 citizens. Boaz has a 2.56 citizen –to-officer ratio.

“I would like to think that we play a role in that,” Boaz Police Chief Josh Gaskin said. “Our patrol officers and investigators are very proactive. The vast majority of people that live in our area are hard working and family oriented. Any time we ask for assistance with a case we are working, we always have a great response from the community. I hope we can continue to build that support.

“Anyone who has been in law enforcement for any length of time can tell you that it truly is a team effort between law enforcement and the city that they serve,” Gaskin continued. “I’ve always said that law enforcement is truly a calling and that you get into this job to be able to help people. Hearing this makes me feel as though we have been able to do just that.”

Other cities in, or close by, the Sand Mountain area featured in the rankings are Rainsville, ranked No. 8 with a score of 76.44; and Arab, ranked No. 49 with a score of 44.9.

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