Todd Haynie was the Boaz City Schools Board of Education’s top choice for superintendent from the start. In fact, he was hired as assistant superintendent in May of 2018 with intentions of being “the guy” then.

On Tuesday night, Haynie was officially chosen to be Boaz Superintendent Shannon Stanley’s successor when she steps away July 31.

Some might say the board made a bold move to hire Haynie without interviewing a single candidate. The board had the right to pass on interviews after posting the job and accepting numerous applications according to the law. Is that exactly fair? I’ll let you be the judge. I think if the board knew it was going to hire Haynie from the outset, then there was no reason to waste anyone else’s time.

I’m not an expert future forecaster, but the hire is a safe bet that is primed to pay off. Haynie is an excellent administrator with teaching experience that bodes well in leading a school system. He’s also a genuine man that puts all of his efforts into helping students and giving them every opportunity to succeed.

When I spoke to him Tuesday night for his reaction, even though he was overwhelmed by the moment of an unlikely dream come true, he didn’t make it about himself – it was about the students.

“I am so very blessed to be allowed the opportunity to serve this community in this capacity,” Haynie said. “I love this school system. I love the students of this school system and will work with all of our people in the district to create the best learning opportunities possible for them.”

Ultimately, that’s why the board was comfortable promoting Haynie. He has built a relationship with the students, faculty and community of Boaz. The board wasn’t willing to risk Haynie jumping ship for another school system – if the opportunity was ever given. He is considered family among Pirate nation and –what’s the phrase I’m looking for? Ah yes – “once a Pirate, always a Pirate,” right?

Congratulations to Haynie and best of luck in his new position as superintendent of Boaz City Schools.

Taylor Beck is managing editor for The Reporter. He can be reached at

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