An Albertville woman was sentenced to prison for her role in what officials call the most disturbing case they’ve been a part of. 

Holly Debord, 37, of Albertville, was sentenced Tuesday to 99 years on one count of first-degree sodomy and a second 99-year term for one count of sexual torture. She received a 12-month sentence for one misdemeanor charge of bestiality. 

The three sentences will run concurrently, ruled Judge Chris Abel. 

Debord and Van Christopher Havis, 53, were both charged in connection with what Assistant District Attorney Jennifer Bray characterized as the “most repugnant” and “awful” crime they have seen which was caught on cell phone video. The video was shared on social media and was brought to the attention of law enforcement who identified the victim and later identified the suspects.

Debord is accused of making the video of a suspected mentally challenged man being sexually tortured, abused and sodomized in retaliation for what Debord called “snitching” to police. 

Havis is clearly seen in the video while Debord is only heard, according to prosecutors. 

Debord was initially indicted on nine charges, including two counts of first-degree sodomy, bestiality, two counts of assault with bodily fluids, third-degree assault, sexual torture, second-degree kidnapping and attempted murder. 

In July, she entered a blind guilty plea to felony counts of first-degree sodomy and sexual torture and a misdemeanor charge of bestiality Thursday. As part of the plea deal, the other six charges were dropped, said Assistant District Attorney Adam Culbert. 

Havis will be sentenced Wednesday for his role in the crimes, Bray said. He is expected to receive a life sentence, Culbert said. 

See Saturday's edition of The Reporter for a full story on both Debord's and Havis' sentencings. 


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