BOAZ special olympics

Students from Boaz City Schools recently competed at the Marshall County Special Olympics held at Guntersville High School.

On October 17, Boaz High School competed in the annual Marshall County Special Olympics. This event is a chance for not only Boaz City School students but also other students from other schools to feel like a champion. The goal of the games is to empower students to gain courage to chase after their dreams no matter the number of obstacles in the way.

The 2019 Special Olympics was hosted at Guntersville High School and involved all Marshall County schools and group homes. The day begins with the lighting of the torch, march in, presentation of colors, pledge of allegiance to the American flag, national anthem, olympic oath and then follows with games and fun. The day consisted of events like the softball throw, tennis ball throw, assisted wheelchair, assisted walk, walker race, meter dash, shotput, mini javelin, t-ball, long jump, cycling and relay races. Also available to enjoy was cornhole, face painting and a photo booth. Boaz City Schools had 14 athletes participate in the games and 33 other students assist the athletes. At Boaz High School volunteers are selected based on the number of athletes participating. The students selected to go to the Special Olympics attend the games and are paired with an athlete to help them be on time and where they are supposed to be throughout the day. Volunteers also cheer on every single special Olympian involved and not just those from Boaz. As a student who was selected to attend the Special Olympics, nothing is more uplifting and inspiring then seeing the joy and look of accomplishment all over the faces of the athletes. As the Special Olympic oath states, “Let me win, but if i cannot win, let me be brave in the attempt.” Every single athlete receives a ribbon or award in all the games they play and continuous applause and encouragement.

The Marshal County Special Olympics is an opportunity to show true school spirit and teamwork while lighting a spark of bravery in the hearts of all athletes involved.

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