Jennings joins Boaz football staff

Former Douglas head football coach Bubba Jennings has joined Boaz’s staff as assistant head coach. He’ll coach the Pirates’ running backs and H-backs.

Boaz head football coach Jeremy Sullivan has added former Douglas head coach Bubba Jennings to his staff.

Jennings resigned at Douglas on May 22 after two seasons in charge of the program. The Boaz City Board of Education approved his hiring as a teacher and coach during a special called board meeting Monday morning.

“It just so happened we had a PE opening, and I told our middle school principal that I thought Coach Jennings would be a good guy for that opening he had,” Sullivan said.

“He interviewed him and thought he was the best candidate and hired him, and it’s going to be good for football and I think it’s going to be good for our system as a whole.

“Coach Jennings has a lot of experience, he’s great with kids and he’s a guy who’s been there and done that. I was glad Mr. [Kyle] Pinckard, our middle school principal, was able to get that done for us.”

Sullivan’s staff had an unfilled opening last year, because Jeremy Lacks moved to Boaz Middle School to become head coach after the job became open due to a resignation.

“I asked one of my guys who had been helping with the varsity to go down to the middle school and be the middle school head coach, and he was good with doing that,” Sullivan said of Lacks. “He’s done a good job for us down there.

“The timing was so late we couldn’t find anybody in teaching spots they had open to replace Coach Lacks.

“The administration has been trying to make sure we get back to a full staff, from the superintendent down to Coach [Patrick] Williams, the AD [athletic director], and [BHS Principal] Mr. [Caleb] Pinyan and Mr. Pinckard. They’ve all been trying to make sure that if we had an opening that we had a good candidate for that could coach, that we were able to make it all work.

“There are so many moving pieces to that. Academics is the first priority, so you have to make sure it fits academically with what you’re trying to do, especially for those principals who are held accountable for academic performance, just like I’m held accountable for wins and losses on Friday nights.

“We have to make sure all that stuff works together and is what’s best for the kids, and they did a great job of getting it all done. I really appreciate it.”

Jennings will serve as Boaz’s assistant head coach and work with the team’s running backs and H-backs.

Other members of the Pirates’ offensive staff are coordinator and quarterbacks coach Adam Keenum, line coach Bo Brannon and receivers coach Blake Beam.

On defense, Steven Hudgins is coordinator and works with inside linebackers. Robert Brewster coaches outside linebackers, Pat Callahan works with the line and Matt Sanders coaches the secondary.

At Boaz Middle School, Lacks’ assistant coaches are David Bittinger, Matt Hardin and Seth Phillips. The Boaz City Board of Education approved Phillips’ hiring Monday.

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