On September 9, the students at Douglas High School (DHS) voted on the 2019-2020 officers for the Student Government Association (SGA). The SGA is a club that plays a major role in the works of many activities at Douglas High. SGA is the club responsible for Special Olympics, blood drive, raising money for the Veterans Day Program, Homecoming, and Eagle Week at DHS.

Eagle Week is a week where each class (freshman, sophomore, etc.) play numerous games and races to see which class is the best. For example, there is boys volleyball, girls football, a food race, a tug of war and Lip Sync Competition.

The SGA is not a club anyone can walk into. To be an officer in the SGA a student must have a 90 or above GPA and no discipline issues in that current year of office. The 2019-2020 SGA Officers include: President Cameron Mitchell; Vice President Amelia Higdon; Reporter Taylor Walls; Treasurer Ragen Lang; Secretary Riley Stone; and Chaplin Jacob Sims.

Ball State University released the following statement about SGA:

“The Student Government Association is a student-run organization that serves as the voice of students by advocating student concerns to faculty, administration, and the community, as well as to other students. The SGA also serves to appoint students to various committees dealing with almost all aspects of decision-making, such as public safety, event programming and scheduling, student rights, ethics, standards and teaching evaluations.”

Along with the comments of Ball State, I agree and state that the SGA is one of the only nationwide clubs that puts its officers and members first in everything the SGA does. As an officer in the FFA, SGA, and other clubs among DHS, the SGA just has an indescribable desire to serve its schools and communities.

We look forward to many more articles in The Reporter.

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