Albertville lawyer John Gullahorn has been nominated for the role of president-elect of the University of Alabama National Alumni Association (NAA).

“I’m very honored by the selection,” he said. “I’m excited and look forward to serving. It was a surprise. I did not know I was being considered.”

Gullahorn, who was Albertville’s Citizen of the Year in 2018, was recently nominated for the position by Ben Shurett, a past president of the association from 2009-2010 and former publisher of The Reporter.

“I am so pleased for John and proud of him upon his nomination as president-elect of the [NAA],” Shurett said. “John is supremely qualified, having served as president of the Marshall County Chapter of the NAA, as well as a term as District 2 Vice President of the Executive Committee of the NAA several years ago.

“It is a tremendous honor for John to be nominated for this and one he earned with his tremendous success in reviving the Marshall County Chapter. His wife, Sonia, will also fill a very important role in all that he does as president-elect and as president in 2021-22. They both love the University of Alabama and the National Alumni Association has chosen wisely in selecting John as its nominee.”

Gullahorn is set to take office in April and will serve as president-elect for 12 months. Then he will serve a year as president, followed by another year as past-president. As president-elect, he will represent the NAA at county chapter meetings, attend EC meetings in Tuscaloosa and work closely with 2020-21 NAA President Mandy Wyatt, Shurett said.

“He really is, for that year, the face of the [NAA],” Calvin Brown, Director of Alumni Affairs at UA, said. “We have over 200,000 living alumni, and he’ll represent every one of them.”

Gullahorn will be the president and chairman of the executive committee, which is a volunteer board of 22 people who make policy decisions for the NAA. He has served on the committee before as its vice president.

“He was an outstanding vice president and did a great job for three years,” Brown said. “He’s been really involved in the local [Albertville] chapter — really anything that’s happened in that local chapter has started with John. He’s proven himself. He loves the University of Alabama. He’s a hard worker and presents himself very well. I think he’ll do a great job traveling the country for us.”

Gullahorn served as president of the NAA chapter in Marshall County in 2007.

“I had just become a district VP and the Marshall County Chapter had not met in six years,” Shurett said. “John revived that chapter to become a thriving, vibrant and active chapter. After leaving active leadership, the Marshall County Chapter once again became dormant. John again became involved and has revived that group once again.”

Gullahorn’s parents graduated from UA. His mother, Sidney Garrett Gullahorn, served as an at-large vice president of the NAA and was named as the Alumnae of the Year in the past.

Gullahorn has been involved in the youth program at Albertville First United Church and is an active member of the Albertville Rotary Club

“John is the perfect balance of someone who enjoys the social side of alumni functions but is a serious and effective manager of meetings,” Shurett said. “People want to earn his respect, and he is able to gather people and their efforts to reach a common goal. John loves the University of Alabama, like we all do, and he is a real leader, someone who has the ‘it’ factor you recognize immediately. He will be an outstanding president-elect of the National Alumni Association.”

The NAA is a non-profit organization that serves the alumni and students of UA through a variety of programs. The association has 107 chapters across the U.S.

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