Jaxon Colvin

The Sand Mountain Reporter along with Sand Mountain Toyota are pleased to present the Player of the Week award for Week 3 to Jaxon Colvin Geraldine.

Colvin, a sophomore quarterback and linebacker for the Bulldogs, had a huge game running and passing last Friday night, while also chipping in on defense, leading 3A Geraldine to a 39-0 romp over visiting 5A Sardis.

“Jaxon is a phenomenal competitor, and a great young man,” Geraldine coach Michael Davis said. “He works extremely hard in the weight room and had a really good offseason, and he’s reaping the results of that from what we’re seeing on the field and the work he’s put in.”

Colvin showcased his rushing ability by leading the Bulldogs with 14 carries for 130 yards and a 66-yard score, and helped the passing offense hit for a number of big plays, completing five passes for 192 yards and three touchdowns, including an 82-yard strike for a touchdown, a 38-yard touchdown pass, and a 32-yard touchdown pass.

“ For what we do offensively, we look the quarterback as somebody who can either throw it affectively, or run it, and Jaxon can do both,” Davis continued. “He can do both and it really helps because we had some key injuries and he stepped up in a big way to fill those shoes. He ran it the way we needed to and made some big throws late to help us pull away.”

For the game, Colvin totaled 322 total yards of offense in addition to the four touchdown, then added three tackles on defense.

“The thing about Jaxon Is he’s very coachable, he listens, he soaks it all in, soaks in the moments and really wants to be the best,” Davis concluded. “He can be as good as he wants to be, he has no ceiling. I think this is going to be a breakout year for him if he continues down the path that he’s on.”

Colvin and the Bulldogs will face a big test this week when they get set to travel up to take on 3A’s No. 4 ranked team in Plainview, who will enter the game undefeated.

Honorable Mention

Kobe Hill, Geraldine: 10 tackles, 1 interception, 1 rushing touchdown

Carter Lambert, Boaz: 10 of 17 passing, 125 yards, 105 rushing yards, 1 touchdown pass in 49-7 win over West Point

Owen Blackwell, Fyffe: Interception in the end zone to preserve Red Devils’ 16-13 win over Sylvania

Thad Pearce, West End: 11 catches, 117 yards, 2 touchdowns in 65-21 loss to Cleveland

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