Randall Pankey, owner of Bradco Home Builders, recently introduced a $12 million development plan, which could heavily impact the housing market in the City of Boaz.

Located on a 26-acre piece of property at the corner of Bethsaida Road and Bruce Road, Pankey said he intends to create a “secure community” that would feature up to 61 garden homes and two ponds for the residents’ pleasure.

The property Pankey will build on used to be farmland that is isolated — a plus for his “secure” concept.

“It is an obstacle to find the right location, and this is the right location because this is a great piece of property,” he said. “It backs up to Alabama Highway 168, and then you’ve got frontage on McVille Road and frontage on Bruce Road … It’s just a beautiful piece of property.”

Pankey’s plan is to build homes to occupy the road frontage first, and then work his way to the inside of the property to create a subdivision.

The homes Pankey intends to build will range from 1,750-2,000 square-feet and be priced at $185,000-$220,000, depending on what floor plan and design are selected. He said there could also be two-story homes.

Pankey has built several homes in Boaz, but his plan is to incorporate new ideas into this development.

“There will be five different home styles that they can pick the floor plans from … but the plans are all going to be unique,” he said. “It’s nothing like what’s already here. There’s going to be some side entrances, some courtyards — just a lot of different things and bringing new looks.”

Among new looks, the neighborhood is expected to be curbed and guttered, feature underground utilities and be golf cart friendly.

A “secure community,” is different from gated community, Pankey said.

“I considered developing a gated community,” he said. “But when you do so, you run into problems like, how do we get [mail trucks] in? What happens if there’s a fire? How does a garbage truck get in and out? So, my concept is going to be a secure community — one way in and one way out. There’s no coming in, doing something and sneaking out the back door.

“Let’s face it — people who are buying homes today — they want to feel secure,” Pankey continued. “Especially people who are moving into Boaz, who are from out of town and not familiar with the area. Even people who’ve moved away and move back home.”

By making it a secure community, the development is meant to be inviting for anyone, he said.

“This is not going to be a retirement community,” Pankey said. “It’s family-friendly, big time.”

The two ponds would be considered the common area, Pankey said, and there would be walking trails to the ponds.

“Everybody who’s in this development should enjoy the facilities that we’ll have,” Pankey said.

Pankey said he is excited to introduce a plan to help the city’s housing market and looks forward to seeing how the community is positively impacted by it.

“The word hasn’t really got out, as far as what this project is really going to be all about yet,” he said. “But this is something we’re working on, and I think it will be a good thing for Boaz having some new development.”

Pankey said he’s already drawn interest from people currently living outside the city — people living in areas like Huntsville and Nashville.

Construction is expected to begin at the start of 2020.

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