Dear Editor,

Isn’t it fun to give gifts? Especially when someone is not expecting it. Watching someone’s eyes light up with pleasure and joy because they love the gift you have given.  On the other hand, if they are not overjoyed, you might not see a sparkle in their eyes. Some can hide their displeasure or disappointment.  Somne might not be able to.  Can you imagine?  God giving his perfect gift to us?  Jesus?  To save us and redeem us from our sins.  What joy God must have had and still does! His perfect plan!

He knew from the beginning that he would provide to us the ultimate gift.  Nothing  surpasses His gift to us.  But how must He might feel when some reject His perfect gift?  Yes.  God created feelings, so He too must have them!  How can we reject such a gift to us!  We need Him.  And HE needs us! That is why HE created all creation.  For his joy and pleasure.  Choosing God’s way is His perfect plan.  For your life and mine. Will you accept His gift today?  He is calling out to you. And yes. He will be the most perfect gift you will ever receive.  An eternal one!  He is waiting ... patiently  and loves you more than anyone ever could.  

Ranee Craft


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