Representation for Hispanics in Marshall County is non-existent.

Some within the Hispanic community in Albertville feel as though there is no outlet for them to speak.

“I’ve lived in this community my whole life, and I see the affect not having an outlet can have. It’s not good,” Zaira Parga, victim services coordinator at the Family Services of North Alabama, said.

Parga also talked about how the Hispanic community needed to step up within Marshall County and create the outlet needed to help them feel safe and also help them progress. But she said some are too scared and don’t feel comfortable putting themselves out there.

Parga and others at Family Services of North Alabama is looking to play a more active role when it comes to this issue. They want fair and equal opportunities for all of Marshall County residents.

Parga said that no one, no matter who they are, should feel unsafe when speaking about the place where they live and raise their families.

“[Albertville] is my city, and I love my city,” Parga said. “And I will do whatever I can to help my city grow and improve for everyone living in it.”

Family Services of North Alabama are exploring new ways to help all communities grow and see success. It believes representation is one of the first of many steps in the right direction for Marshall County and Parga said that this county is special because all the citizens living in it care and love being a resident.

I don’t know of exact ways to help with this issue, but I know nothing can be started until someone within the community stands up and tries to advocate.

Others outside the Hispanic community can help by offering their services or help by just asking what they can do. Effort goes a long way in helping people feel comfortable and safe.

The county as a whole has to come together to resolve this issue.

Noah Turner is a staff writer for The Reporter.

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