Dear Editor:

A followup to my letter about Alabama amendment 772. 

The amendment states in order to donate or give public funds or things of value to an individual, business or other entity, it must serve a “valid and sufficient public purpose” 

The city council of Brewton determined that going on private property and cleaning up fallen trees and shrubs served a valid and sufficient public purpose?? Give us a break, AG, how on God’s earth can you stretch that far? 

Saying to the city of Brewton that is what the legislature meant by passing 772. If this is the case, a strip joint built near the lumber mill can expect to receive city funds to build the building because it “promotes economic development.” 

This is so far out from the original intention of the framers of the constitution (1901) of Alabama it is shameful. 

A “valid and sufficient public purpose” is one that serves the public such as a water plant, a street, a new plant that employs people, a jail etc. I don’t believe that they meant anything near this far out, especially since the courts have said it did not include retail, if it had the legislature would have included retail in the amendment.


Joel Kennamer


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