A man driving a motorcycle struck a woman taking part in a political rally for Sen. Doug Jones on Sunday afternoon, according to multiple eyewitnesses.

Susan McKenney, chair of the Marshall County Democratic Party, said the woman (who asked not to be identified) was struck in the leg by a motorcyclist as the group rallied in a parking lot in Warrenton.

A caravan of more than 50 vehicles led Doug Jones’ campaign bus from Boaz to Guntersville and then to Arab Sunday afternoon.

“We had no problems all day,” McKenney said. “Everything had gone off without a hitch until then.

“About 30 seconds after Doug got off the bus, there were two motorcycles parked across the street. One barreled right through the crowd.

“It was assault with a deadly weapon, in my opinion.”

In a widely circulated video showing the incident, the motorcyclist can be heard revving his engine just before driving into the crowd and McKenney and others can be seen trying to intercept the motorcyclist.

“He circled around as if he was going to try to barrel through again,” McKenney said.

A member of the group approached the second motorcyclist and urged them to leave the scene and not cause more problems as it was simply a rally and not a debate or protest.

“I think the friend got to his buddy and influenced him to leave,” she said.

Additionally, several men driving pickup trucks were reportedly parked nearby kicking up gravel toward the group, and the drivers hurled insults at the crowd. McKenney said some of the trucks’ license plates were covered with plastic shopping bags to conceal their identity.

Guntersville City Police were summoned to the scene and reports made, McKenney said.

Guntersville Police were contacted for comment on the incident Tuesday, but had not responded prior to press deadlines.

The woman allegedly struck by the motorcycle claimed to have sustained injuries to her knee and leg. McKenney said Jones’ bus had cameras on board aimed at the area where the incident occurred and several in the crowd also caught the scene on cell phone video.

The driver’s license plate number and a description were given to Guntersville City Police who said they would track the man down.

McKenney said Tuesday she had not gotten an update on what, if any, action was taken against the man.

“We are encouraging her [the injured victim] to follow through by getting a warrant,” McKenney said.

“We feel it is important that people not be intimidated. I don’t think they [the motorcycle riders and truck drivers] understood it was a rally and not anything they should have been involved with.

“I can’t imagine my people showing up at a Trump rally or anything like that. We are considerate of others view. It really bothers me that they felt they were empowered to do this.”

McKenney said Jones “was wonderful” and “didn’t let it bother him” as he completed the rally stop in Guntersville and proceeded to Arab.

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