A video shared to social media appears to show a group of pro-Confederate protesters changing the flag in front of the Marshall County Courthouse in Albertville from the Confederate flag to the Alabama Secession Banner. The group gathered in front of the courthouse Tuesday evening. 




The Confederate flag in front of the Marshall County Courthouse in Albertville that for months has been the subject of heated debate has been replaced by another flag.

As of Wednesday morning, what appears to be the Alabama Secession banner of 1861 has been raised on the same pole in the Confederate flag’s place.

The Reporter reached out to Marshall County Sheriff Phil Sims and Marshall County Commission Chairman James Hutcheson about the sudden switch, and neither said they were aware of any plans to remove or replace the flag. 

Hutcheson said he believed the commission should have been notified of plans to change the flag as a “common courtesy.”

The sheriff said he is looking into what the protocol would be if a citizen had switched out the flag without permission or authorization.

The secession flag is dark blue with the words “Independent Now and Forever” on one side with a woman in a red dress holding a flag and sword, and “Noli Me Tangere” (Touch me not) shown on the other side with a rattlesnake coiled around a cotton plant.

The Alabama Secession Convention adopted the flag in 1861 as it left the Union.

This is a developing story. Check back with The Reporter for more details.

Note: This article originally included a sentence with a typographical error reading, "The Alabama Secession Convention adopted the flag in 1861 as if it left the Union." The word "if" has been removed for clarification. 

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