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If you didn’t catch the press conference Thursday put on by President Donald Trump’s legal team, you might think it was all about Rudy Giuliani's sweaty dye job. 

Though I’m not one ever to poo-poo a bit of humor, the mainstream media has so far ignored the mountain of substance presented at the conference and opted instead for ridicule and mockery; a time honored tactic of disinformation.

For the first time since the election, Trump’s team laid out their strategy to challenge the election results in court and explained his legal paths for winning a second term. It’s a day many on both sides of the aisle have been waiting for. Even some pro-Trump pundits were saying to put up some evidence or shut up about these alleged election fraud.

Many of those same pundits (i.e. Tucker Carlson and Byron York) weren’t satisfied with the nearly two-hour display, claiming the Kraken — as lawyer Sidney Powell referred to their case — never surfaced, possibly because it’s either dead or never existed in the first place. 

I’m no legal expert, but I don’t know how anyone could come away from that conference without feeling like their mind had been strangled by Cthulu himself. 

The lawyers laid out the dramatic case they would be making to the courts, detailing specific instances of misconduct, fraud and international scandal that, if true, would certainly shake the foundations of our democracy and shatter any faith left in the voting apparatus.

The lawyers spoke of 100s of sworn affidavits made by real, flesh-and-blood people who, under oath and threat of perjury, attested to witnessing vast containers of Biden votes brought in at the 11th hour and votes for Biden counted multiple times at certain polling locations.

The biggest claim was that the Dominion software used in the contested states was designed to algorithmically adjust votes in real time in Biden’s favor so that the more votes Trump got, more would be artificially added to Biden, keeping him ahead by just enough not to prick up ears. 

Remember how the count suddenly and suspiciously stopped on election night when Trump was pulling ahead? Supposedly, he might have been getting so many votes that it threw the algorithm out of whack and a halt was needed to adjust. 

Tucker and others pushed back on this point saying such an outrageous claim needs damning evidence, which admittedly we did not get at the conference. One could argue there wasn’t really any evidence presented beyond more claims and statements, but one would be wrong. 

Semantic games aside, evidence of fraud has been put forth. Sworn affidavits are evidence. Eyewitness testimony is evidence. Over-voting is evidence. Passionate claims made by lawyers — not so much. 

But as Senior Legal Advisor Jenna Ellis Rives pointed out, they aren’t trying the case in the court of public opinion. It would have been inappropriate to expose key pieces of evidence before taking it to court lest the opposition plug the chinks in their armor.

The conference was a chance for them to lay out their opening argument, to update the public on where they stand in the process and to correct the many falsehoods promulgated by the corporate media.

None of this is to say that any of what they claim is true, but it should certainly be enough to shut up those saying there’s zero evidence of fraud or that Trump has no legal leg to stand on. 

Trump may yet prove the fraud allegations, and it may be as bad as they claim. Either way, it will be up to the courts and/or electors to decide whether or not to flip the vote. The Democrats/mainstream media want you to think it’s a done deal. They decreed Biden the winner, after all. But their leadership knows it’s not over yet. They just don’t want you to see them sweat.

Daniel Taylor is news editor for The Reporter. His email is

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Daniel, before you get too excited about the allegations made in that press conference, I invite you to read through the various complaints filed by the Trump team and the results. You would find: (1) the lawyers are not alleging fraud; (2) the affidavits presented have been almost unanimously rejected because they were unreliable, irrelevant or otherwise flawed; and (3) regardless of what Ms. Ellis says, if you are asking for an injunction to stop certification you ABSOLUTELY must present evidence at the outset of the proceeding. In short, you are being lied to and misled by the Trump legal team which more closely resembles a minnow than a kraken. And while you wrote an opinion column, I would advise you to research the claims others make before giving them your published endorsement.


LOL@Daniel for thinking the entire world is laughing at the 'Elite Legal Strike Force's' ineptitude or Rudy's disturbing downward spiral, Manic and Dripping with hair dye... It's a bizarre and surreal and HILARIOUS !! you couldn't even make this sh*t up if you tried, from the Four Seasons incident to the lawyers quitting (even Sidney quit the team today) sorry, Danny Boy, but you're a Parrot who repeats their Hot Air, yet NONE OF YOU has a shred of tangible evidence. All i see is a bunch of old grannies spreading gossip.


Daniel is one of the stupidest douchebuckets Ive seen in quite a while. no wonder he can't find a woman who'll sleep with him. thank god he's still got videogames to occupying during all those Lonely Nights


Now that even the Trump legal team has distanced themselves from Sidney Powell and her ludicrous charges, you should pen an apology admitting that much of what you are spouting is actually QAnon BS without a scintilla of evidence. How many court cases must be tossed out? How absurd must the claims be before you question them critically, not question them in a manner designed to support them? Your lying is sowing distrust in a foundational principle of free and fair elections. Pat Toomey Seantor R PA has acknowledged Biden's victory. Chris Christie has stated his opposition to this nonsense. PA courts have thrown out the vast majority of claims that Trump's team dared present - they wouldn't even present the outrageous claims you purport to investigate. You should be ashamed and this paper, while it should give voice to conservatives, ought to distance themselves from your garbage. You are a shameful "journalist" who belongs on QAnon subreddits and that is it. Pathetic...


The number of Republicans rejecting the garbage in this article is growing daily if not hourly. Only Qanon cultists and fools believe in the #theKraken. Aren't you embarrassed yet? The Reporter sure ought to be...


Daniel, you should consider getting a job at Douchemart

Eric Trump

Biden won the election and everything Donald Trump and his cadre of buffoons has done since has been an embarrassing goat rodeo, top to bottom, designed to bait and con gullible doofuses such as yourself. Sad to see it’s working so well...


Daniel, that was a great piece! How do I know? Look at how the Left leaning readers came out to attack you. That is all they know how to do. Hold your head up and press on, you definitely hit a nerve.

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