Working as a first responder or in law enforcement can be a dangerous and stressful job without the added tension of a novel coronavirus pandemic. Though life has returned to a semblance of normalcy for many after the shutdown restrictions were eased, the demand on front-line workers has yet to let up. That’s why companies like Farm Fresh Foods in Guntersville have gone out of their way to show their appreciation.

To help support communities in Marshall County, the poultry processing plant recently donated more than 700 meals to local first responders and law enforcement officers.

“We have always supported local businesses as much as we can and in an attempt to contribute more towards the community,” Charlene Irizarry, human resource manager for the company, said. “Our community has been impacted by the pandemic and we wanted to do something positive… We want to show our appreciation to the 1st responders during this critical time.” 

Starting Tuesday, July 14, Farm Fresh Foods spent three days providing lunches and dinners to the police and fire departments in Arab, Guntersville, Albertville and Boaz; the Marshall County Sheriff’s Office; 911 Central Dispatch in Arab; and EMT Marshall Medical Services.

“We were welcomed by all the agencies with gratitude,” Irizarry said. “We served BBQ chicken sandwich plates from Hog Leg Barbecue, a local restaurant in Arab. It was important for us to partner with a local small business to promote local sales.”

Farm Fresh Food has made it a habit to support the community through similar types of food donations.

“We have always enjoyed helping the community and employees throughout the time we have been in business,” she said. “During this particular period, we have donated chicken to our employees on several occasions.”

The company has donated chicken to the employees of Marshall Medical Centers, Second Chance Food Pantry in Albertville, various churches and to several local nonprofit organizations in the area.

“We are doing this to show our support to our local front line first responders,” Irizarry said. “Earlier in the [novel coronavirus] pandemic, we had a truck load of free chicken available for Marshall Medical employees to pick up. At that time, over 300 employees benefited from the event.”

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