Rumors are a tricky business. You never know if they’re true.

Recently, there have been rumors swirling about a possible name change to Big Spring Lake Kindergarten (BSLK) and Evans Elementary School in Albertville. The changes are supposedly coming to make both schools align with the others in the city: Albertville High School, Albertville Middle School, Albertville Elementary School and Albertville Primary School.

This change comes as a bit of a shock. Both schools have been a part of the city for quite a while now, so what could possibly prompt the name change so suddenly?

Most people I’ve brought this concern to are just as confused as everyone else. No one seems to know why the issue is being brought up now. Some wonder if the name change will affect anything on an educational level. Will this effect the house system that makes BSLK and Evans so different? Or is it just a branding issue?

What names are being considered? Surely there won’t be two “Albertville Elementary Schools.”

I feel as though the names should stay the same, seeing as how that is how they always have been. But at the same time, the middle school used to be known as “Alabama Avenue Middle School.”

The Albertville Board of Education is holding a meeting Tuesday, July 16. It will discuss the possible changes and is expected to answer the community’s questions. The meeting begins at 6 p.m. and will be held in the board’s meeting room at 105 West Main St. in Albertville.

Noah Turner is a staff writer for The Reporter. His email is

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