Tre Ragazzi’s Italian Café is bringing its sauce to Sand Mountain.

With locations in Gadsden and Glencoe, owner Kevin Napper said he was ready to establish a flagship restaurant for his franchise. After taking a glance at other areas, Napper said the City of Boaz was the perfect place.

“We’re excited,” Napper said. “The city has been fantastic to work with, everyone at Peoples Independent Bank has been great. We’re a community-oriented place, and our locations in Glencoe and Gadsden have always been that way. So, Boaz fit exactly what we wanted.”

Boaz Mayor David Dyar said a five-year contract was recently signed with Napper to put the restaurant inside a building across from Boaz 9 Cinema. With the city’s future plan to potentially make up to $300,000 worth of renovations to the outside of surrounding buildings and build a recreation center in that area, Napper said that was icing on the cake.

“This will end up being our largest restaurant,” Napper said. “We’re going to be able to do a lot of things that we haven’t been able to do because of a lack of space, but this is going to be a cool building.

“The city’s long term plans were definitely a driving factor in coming to Boaz,” Napper continued. “We had been approached by a lot of other cities, but we just love what they have planned. I see Boaz, and specifically that area, growing to a lot like what it used to be in the future, and we just want to be a part of it.”

Some things that Napper has planned for the Boaz location includes increasing the number of pizza ovens, seating close to 150 people and having live music.

Though it’s taken a while to work out, Dyar said he was thrilled to bring another restaurant to the community.

“We’ve been after Tre Ragazzi’s for over a year,” Dyar said. “But that’s what we’ve got to look for – it’s those mom and pop places. This will be the biggest store they have by far.”

As part of the lease agreement, the City of Boaz has a bit of work to do inside the building before Tre Ragazzi’s can open. Dyar said the to-do list includes getting power and sufficient plumbing to the building, taking out ceiling tiles and flooring and installing a sprinkler system. The city’s plans to renovate the outside of the building are not part of the contract with Tre Ragazzi’s, he said.

Though it could take the city a few months to have the building ready for operation, Napper said he would love to open the new location by the end of September.

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