The ADPH updated the number of presumed recovered cases from COVID-19 to 35,401, meaning of the total number of cases reported Tuesday morning — 90,890 — at least 55,489 are active in Alabama. The number of cumulative deaths was 1,611, with 55 probable. Nationwide, 4,727,879 people have been infected according to Johns Hopkins University. Of those, 155,814 have died and 1,513,446 have recovered.

At least 719,489 total tests have been administered in Alabama. Since March 13, there have been 10,865 patients hospitalized

Within the last 14 days, there have been 21,167 cases confirmed in Alabama and at least 166,840 tests have been taken.

In Marshall County, a total of 2,984 cases have been confirmed (54 probable) and at least 16,879 tests have been administered; 33 deaths have been confirmed.

In DeKalb County, a total of 1,718 cases have been confirmed (39 probable) and at least 9,753 tests have been administered; 13 deaths have been confirmed.

In Etowah County, a total of 1,957 cases have been confirmed (28 probable) and at least 16,179 tests have been administered; 28 deaths have been confirmed.

In Blount County, a total of 741 cases have been confirmed (95 probable) and at least 5,961 tests have been administered; three deaths have been confirmed.

All the above counties were considered to be in the “high risk” category based on the ADPH’s risk indicator dashboard. As of Monday, Marshall Medical Centers reported it was treating eight cases at its North campus and 19 at South.

Out of the state’s total number of cases, the largest infected age group making up 40.75% of cases ranged from 25-49 years of age. Patients 65 years or older comprised 16.43%; ages 50-64, 20.27%; 5-24, 20.42%; and 0-4, 2.02%.

Females made up the majority of cases with 55.58%; males, 43.33%; and 1.09% of the genders were unknown.

Regarding race, 31.28%, or roughly 28,400, of the infected were white; 27.57%, or 25,100, were black; 0.38% were Asian and 35.36%, or 32,100, were other or unknown. Ethnically, 48.38% were non-Hispanic, 6.79% were Hispanic and 44.84% were unknown.

The ADPH reported 1,173 of those infected had to be admitted to an intensive care unit and 634 had to be put on a ventilator.

Approximately 5,436 health care workers had been infected, as well as 2,238 long-term care employees and 4,077 long-term care residents.

Of the confirmed deaths, 78.2% were among patients 65 years or older, 17.1% were between the ages of 50-64 and 4.3% were between the ages 25-49. Eight hundred fifteen of the confirmed deaths were male and 792 were female. Close to 85.2% were ethnically non-Hispanic with 41.5% of the confirmed deaths involving black patients, 52.8% white and 0.2% Asian.

In addition to being over the age of 65, patients with underlying medical conditions have been reported to be especially vulnerable to the disease. Of the 89,927 deaths confirmed as of Monday, Aug. 3, approximately 395 patients had the underlying condition of chronic lung disease, 628 had diabetes mellitus, 1,000 had cardiovascular disease, 418 had chronic renal disease and 69 had chronic liver disease. Eight hundred fifty-four confirmed deaths had multiple underlying medical conditions, 60 had none and one was pregnant. Of those deaths without underlying conditions 70% were 65 or older, 50% were male, 36.7% were black, 56.7% were white and 6.7% were of another race.

The state’s current amended safer-at-home order and mask mandate will remain in effect through Aug. 31.

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