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The Marshall County Health Department inspected local food establishments and gave them the follow scores during the month of May. They are listed from lowest to highest:

 Mimi’s Bake Shop, Guntersville, 81

 Tienda y Panderia #4, Albertville, 82

 G.A. Foods, Guntersville, 84

 1st Methodist Kids Korner, Guntersville, 85

 Moe’s Original BBQ, Guntersville, 85

 Terrace Lake Village, Guntersville, 85 

Taqueria Guanajuato, Albertville, 85


Lakeside Super Stop, Guntersville, 85


Favorite Markets #3652, Guntersville, 86


Neena’s Courthouse Grille, Guntersville, 86


Pub 412, Guntersville, 86


Simmons BBQ, Guntersville, 86


Taco Bell, Guntersville, 87


My Resort Life, Guntersville, 87


Fonzy 7-11, Albertville, 87


Camp Chalakee, Guntersville, 87


Dunkin Baskin, Albertville, 88


Douglas Food Value, Douglas, 88


Jazzy at the Glover, Guntersville, 88


Stach & Co., Guntersville, 89


Marco’s Pizza, Albertville, 89


Food City, Albertville, 89


Marshall Co. Elks Lodge, Guntersville, 89


KFC, Guntersville, 90


Dollar General, East Main, Albertville, 90


Sno Biz, East Main, Albertville, 91


Pizza Hut, Albertville, 91


Kids Junction, Guntersville, 91


Mill Street Deli, Boaz, 91


Tienda Hispana-Meat Mkt., Albertville, 91


La Michoacan, Albertville, 91


Waffle House, Guntersville, 91


Pasteleriala Guadalupana, Aville, 92


Olympic Sports, Aville, 93


Ol South BBQ, Guntersville, 93


Kingdom Kids, Gville, 93


Athena’s Dawgs, Guntersville, 95


Guntersville Child Development Ctr., 95


Gunter’s Landing Golf, Guntersville, 95


Marshall Christian School, Albertville, 96


Waffle House, Boaz, 96


Boaz Intermediate Cafeteria, 97


Douglas Food Value – Retail, Douglas, 97


Albertville K’gen/Pre-K, 97


Old Town Stock House, Guntersville, 97


Asbury High Cafeteria, 97


Douglas Schools Cafeteria, 97


Family Dollar, Albertville, 97


Food City Starbucks, Albertville, 97


SMPA-Aquatics, Albertville, 97


Boaz Middle Cafeteria, 98


Albertville Intermediate Cafeteria, 98


Albertville Middle Cafeteria, 98


Food City-Meat/Seafood/Sushi, Albertville, 98


Food City-Center Store, Albertville, 99


Food City-Produce, Albertville, 99


Albertville High Cafeteria, 100

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