Dear Editor,

It may be legal, but is it right? This is about grants of taxpayer funds, abatement of sales and ad valorem taxes to attract new “retail” business. 

I certainly do not believe it is right and many other states don’t either.

If I owned a retail business in a city, paying my taxes and working hard to make a living, and my leaders take my taxes that I pay to the city and gives a grant of money and/or a tax abatement to a like business as mine to attract that business to the city, 1st of all that’s “unfair competition” because it gives that business a leg up on my business and it’s just not right in my opinion. 

The legislature did not do it, the activist supreme court of Alabama said even though the amendment doesn’t say “retail” the legislature meant “retail.”


Joel Kennamer


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I could not agree more. I understand that if one city does this, others have to do it just to remain competitive. Albertville is investing over $4 million dollar to persuade a movie theater operator (not a growth business) to come to Albertville. What happens if/when they go out of business? Albertville is stuck with a complex nobody wants.

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