Family Chiropractic, A Wellness Center, celebrated its 20th anniversary Monday.

Dr. Jon Alan Smith, the owner and head chiropractor, said he and his staff are overjoyed to have served Albertville so long.

“The way the community has embraced us these last 20 years has been great and overwhelming,” Smith said. “Helping the community is our passion and goal.”

When Smith first started the business, he admitted he was scared.

“When you don’t know what to do, you should show up,” he said. “You should always be available.

“You have a plan to open your doors, but you can’t think everyone will just flock to you,” Smith said. “We put God first and have faith that he will provide and help us in all endeavors.”

Smith said the community is the biggest part of what they do. He and his family call Albertville home and have spent their time being involved with the community, such as the Albertville Chamber of Commerce and Albertville High School.

Smith and his staff are dedicated to improving the health of everyone they treat physically and mentally by offering an alternative to medicine and focusing on using natural and different techniques to better serve each individual customer.

“Everyone is different,” Smith said. “So, we cater to those differences, giving each individual customer what they need to get better. Sometimes it takes longer to heal, it’s based on the individual.”

“Natural” and “God-made” are what Smith said the only ingredients they use. He performs certain procedures no other chiropractor uses. Smith wants to show that helping people is what chiropractors are here to do. But no matter the style of treatment, Smith wants to show chiropractors are here to help.

“Don’t be scared to come to us for help,” Smith said. “Never assume your chiropractor can’t help you.”

Moving forward, Smith said he plans to continue serving families to the best of his ability. And, he said his staff is ready for all challenges.

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