Studio B’s senior competition team danced its way to a national championship this weekend.

Led by coach Jazmen McCright, the competition teams performed in the NexStar National Talent Competition in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. The Studio B senior competition team won first place in the nation, highest score in its division, the Platinum Award, Judges Award and a golden ticket to the World Dance Competition in New Jersey. It was also invited to the “Big Show” on Monday where the team competed against each of the divisional winners. McCright said they placed second overall.

“This was the first time we’ve ever been to a national competition,” McCright said. “I mean I knew coming in that they were capable of doing this. Our kids are amazing, hard working and sweet. But, to come here and walk away with all the awards they got and win a national championship – it’s just amazing.”

The junior competition team placed fourth in the nation, won the Platinum Award, ranked first in its division and received a golden ticket to the World Dance Competition. The junior team was also invited to the “Big Show,” but was unable to compete due to a schedule conflict.

Studio B’s clogging trio “Runaway Bride” placed third in the nation, won first in its division, received “High Gold” and the Judges Award. The hip-hop duet “Boogie Shoes” placed second in the nation, won first in its division and received the Platinum Award.

McCright said it was a weekend filled with ups and downs, but she was proud of her team for staying strong and finishing the competition, despite the obstacles they were forced to face.

“It was a fantastic weekend,” McCright said. “I’m really proud of all of them. They could’ve given up and said ‘We can’t do this.’ Because we had to change the routine and choreography several times to account for some of our kids that had to go home. But they never felt defeated and gave it everything they had. And that’s amazing, you know, because these are high school kids doing this.”

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