Dear Editor,

The only thing about this monument removal trend that is the least bit hateful or misdirected is the willful obstinacy of the people who insist they remain on the lawn of the court houses and care not how they are indicative of the systemic and generational harm inflicted on black Americans before and in the 150 years since the Civil War.

If they are full citizens and respected human beings in our society, they should not be subjected to the indignity of having to walk past those archaic monuments on their way to conduct public business.

And neither should I; it is the 21st century, Time to move on!


Tom Hagood


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This monument and other monuments at court houses have been there for many years. Why are people just now since all the mess that has been happening, want them removed. Several people have walked past those monuments many times and have not said anything and now with BLM, it is infringing upon each one.

This is ridiculous. The monuments should stay where they are. Most of history is trying to be rewritten. History is history. It can not be changed. It can only be learned from.

Leave the monuments alone!!!


Unfortunately innocent people are being hurt because of all the protests that have been raged against everyone these days. I’ve been told all my life (74 yrs—Oct.1st) that if you delete historical accounts there is a great danger of repeating those mistakes. Please could we find positive stories from these places and times. In Indiana and other States streets and towns have had names changed to honor Martin Luther King: have the whites protested against this? Not to my knowledge. I belong to quite a few groups on Facebook; a few are Native American—I truly believe that if we do not share all historical facts we will continue to repeat the same mistakes repeatedly. I’ve read accounts that have told of Irish and Scottish immigrants that were actually the first slaves imported by the British—imported being the key word—I believe there were Indian slaves—the Trail of Tears is a very good example of abuse sooo please stop the riots, killing and abuse of all kinds read our history accounts and look for new historical accounts from all views.

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